Valuable tips for efficient management of outbound call centers

Outbound call centers

Are you looking for outbound call center tips to optimize your company’s outbound call flow management? Then you’re in the right place! Outbound activities could be said to be living through their second ‘youth’, especially in this post-pandemic period. Indeed, even the telephone, considered by some to be an outdated means of advertising, is actually still very useful.

But be careful: the outbound call center is not aimed exclusively at promoting your business, but necessary for many other activities. In fact, We Are Fiber offers outbound services such as:

  • survey: collection of opinions and feedback relating to a product or service, which is subsequently analyzed and consulted;
  • credit recovery: through a customized business approach, the most adequate and discreet method is used to recover credit from insolvent customers;
  • B2C / B2B teleselling: promotion of a product that is offered to a potentially interested target, with the aim of increasing sales and testing new markets;
  • telemarketing: advertising campaigns that include market research and are intended to generate new contacts.

Tips for the outbound call center: using specific software

Valuable outbound call centers

If we try to get to the heart of the challenge, let’s look at some valuable tips for an outbound call center. Firstly, you need to equip yourself with specialized cutting-edge software, which helps manage all the outgoing calls of your company.

A modern device can automate all telephone operations, which would otherwise require significant staffing investment. With automated software, on the other hand, costs are cut, since limited but targeted human resources can be used so as to manage outgoing calls in an optimal fashion. The same resources have to take care of fewer tasks, as much of the work is automated, and so employees are able to work in a calmer and more satisfactory environment.

Call center management software is a versatile and useful tool for every activity, from start-ups to large companies. In addition to simplifying telephone operations, you are more likely to close telephone contracts quickly. Our numbers prove it. Partners who have used our services saw a 16% increase in sales percentages. We also boast excellent percentages in debt collection, with a high degree of satisfaction on the part of both creditors and debtors.

Advice for outbound call centers: how to be convincing 

Regardless of the service offered, you must consider that a telephone conversation is completely different from a face-to-face conversation. You cannot use visual techniques or gesticulate persuasively. How, then, can you ensure that you are convincing? Why should someone on the other side of the phone trust a stranger?

To be convincing, the operator must immediately highlight the usefulness of the product or service offered. A “no, thank you” is still often likely, but the operator must try to convince the potential customer by insisting, but always doing so gracefully. The best way to do this is by using appealing keywords that strike the right chords to tickle the interest and curiosity of the person. ‘Utility’ and ‘savings’ are such words, where emphasizing this helps gain the attention of even the most hasty and disinterested customer.

Education and clarity

Customer responses are not always polite. Indeed, sometimes they risk being offensive and even vulgar. In this case, of course, the operator should not stoop to this level. Doing so would naturally lose the customer, if ever there was any chance of retaining the person. Secondly, mud is thrown on the whole company, which is identified with that operator. Responding politely is therefore the first rule, whatever the attitude of the potential customer.

Education is accompanied by another fundamental quality: clarity. On the phone, there can be a thousand distractions for the person called, so the operator must speak clearly and articulate the words perfectly, so that there are no possible misunderstandings. Another little trick is to repeat the advantageous price, the benefits offered and the terms of the promotion or proposal several times. In this way, the interlocutor will have a clear idea of ​​what is being offered.

Multilingual staff, flexible staff and training 

After analyzing the primary tips for outbound call centers, here are the benefits you can receive by relying on us at We Are Fiber.

Do you have a company and want to expand abroad? We provide you with a multilingual staff that will give your company international flair.

We also ensure flexible sales-oriented staff who can adapt to your needs to help you reach your goals more easily. Our focused training department will help transfer your corporate culture to the operators, giving continuity to the entire service.

Are you interested in our services? Test them with the “Try and Buy” formula, where you can evaluate the work of our team for two months before making a decision with complete peace of mind.

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