Quality Audit
in Outsourcing

The services that your company offers can be even more effective thanks to a Quality Audit team that will monitor the resources and the tasks performed

Keep your company standards to the highest quality!

The services that your company offers could be even more effective with the help of a Quality Audit team that can monitor your performance.
Our Quality Audit service allows us to constantly monitor operators, ensuring the best performance outcome possible. This applies to many different languages and channels such as telephone, chat, social media and emails.

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The advantages
of outsourced Quality Audit

Reduce your training costs

Quality control in outsourcing costs significantly less than an internal solution.

Automated audits

Benefit from centralised control over the processes carried out by operators across all channels and languages.

Report on each resource

Analytical dashboards and speedy reports monitor all KPIs to manage operator performance.

We create winning solutions 

which eliminate hours your employees waste on tedious and mechanical processes!

Take advantage of our Try&Buy formula.

Try our service for up to 3 months before choosing us as your partner.


We Are Fiber supports companies in their growth path with passion, method and professionalism. We offer a vast range of services including customer care management, data entry and process management. Large or small our services are adaptable to meet the needs of any size enterprise.  

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