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The ticket management service symbolises the ideal solution for companies in all sectors. A ticketing system allows you to solve problems reported by email, chat, messages, forms or phone calls quickly, in an orderly structured manner.

Ticketing allows you to keep track of your requests for assistance, by using the expertise of a dedicated and qualified aid who is in charge of responding or organising tickets to the right team. The right assistance in perfect time!


is the ideal partner to improve the performance of your company, thanks to cutting-edge tools and technologies and qualified personnel.

We can track and sort requests across all channels through customised solutions built for your business, all while guaranteeing shorter SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

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The advantages
of outsourced ticket management

Greater customer satisfaction

Your customers will immediately receive the necessary support

Increase in productivity

Automate and streamline support processes

Reduction of operating costs

Lower burdens in staff recruitment and training

Ticketing management in outsourcing allows all customer requests to be kept in perfect order, without wasting time or forgetting.


Ticket management can be shaped following the needs and guidelines of your brand, therefore supporting the growth of your business without affecting its strategies.

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Optimise your customer service to reach your customers on all channels! This will help you to retain your users, cut costs and save time!

We Are Fiber supports companies in their growth path with passion, method and professionalism. We offer a vast range of services including customer care management, data entry and process management. Large or small our services are adaptable to meet the needs of any size enterprise. 

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Case study

Our solution for Brico Bravo


Brico Bravo is a leading company in Italy, specialising in the online sales of DIY, home and garden furniture.


High response time to requests received from the different communication channels of the company.


Customer care management of e-commerce on all channels - Ebay, Amazon, Manomano, Bricobravo.com - in 4 different languages - Italian, English, French, Spanish - on 2 levels:

First Level Support: Over a 14-hour period, we provide telephone assistance, chat and email services to customers who have purchased on the above channels.

Second Level Support: Includes evaluating and solving problems customers may have after-sales. 


Calls received/month




month/created ticket


month ticket/solved


Customer Satisfaction

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