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Running a successful eCommerce takes time, resources and big investments. By outsourcing services, you can save on costs and personnel whilst ensuring you take care of all your customers.

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Activity preparation
Based on your needs and an as-is analysis, we design a personalised service to ensure the correct management and tracking of calls and other types of contacts linked to your company.
Definition of strategic priorities
We define a to-be operating model with a focus on customer service. The model identifies strategic priorities whilst taking into account activities.
Quality check
We monitor your business through a dashboard integrated within your systems and centralised with data relating to the outsourced service and incoming calls, for continuous analysis and fine-tuning according to quantitative and qualitative KPIs.


Thanks to We Are Fiber, online sales companies have managed to scale the market in terms of presence and internationalisation, increasing turnover by up to 37% in a few months and guaranteeing an average cost saving of 35%.

We Are Fiber helps you to improve the customer service standard of your eCommerce, update data in real-time and monitor logistics.

Data Entry e aggiornamento schede prodotto

Data Entry and updating of product sheets

Data entry is one of the services that companies most frequently decide to entrust to external partners.

Data entry in e-commerce includes the management of huge amounts of data. It is essential that the product data is correct to attract customers to purchase them.

The activities normally carried out for an e-commerce service include: inserting images, managing invoices and entering, categorizing and updating data.

Tracking of shipments and deliveries / returns

The supply chain must also take into account the return , which is part of the activities of the so-called reverse logistics .

returns do not speak in favor of e- commerce, as they increase customer dissatisfaction and lead to more expenses for the company.

To reduce them it is therefore necessary to implement quality control at the time of dispatch and identify the reasons for the return.

A return can turn into an opportunity: recovering the returned product, delivering the right one at the same time.

Order management

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, special company software has been developed to manage the warehouse and update the data in real time.

In this way it is possible to communicate product availability and possibly delivery times to customers.

The warehouse is the fulcrum of every omnichannel strategy, therefore it must be flexible and quick to respond promptly to requests from customers.

We Are Fiber provides state-of-the-art software that improve warehouse management, optimize productivity and reduce the risk of unsold goods with the risk of depreciating products.

Our solution

Outsourcing Customer Service in eCommerce guarantees a fast and high-quality service by responding to customer needs.
We Are Fiber's solutions include customer service management through various channels such as Live Chat, Contact Center, social media and Chatbot. By entrusting your company's customer care externally, you can ensure that every direct contact is unforgettable for your users.

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Case study

Our solution for Bloom & Wild


Founded in 2013 Bloom & Wild is the UK's largest and most popular flower eCommerce company. It's characterised by quality and originality, making it no surprise they are the creators of "letterbox flowers" (flowers in a box for your letterbox).


Increase in demand due to the lockdown caused by the covid-19 emergency.


Our Business Continuity Plan allowed a fast reorganisation of services, ensuring the continuity of the activity of our resources and not blocking customer assistance even for a moment.

UK market

In the months from February to May 2020


Incoming calls


Outgoing calls


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Customer Satisfaction

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