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We believe in the positive value of a motivated team that follows flexible processes, which supports and optimizes any business model.

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Our team is
your team

You have a dedicated team that becomes your team, because it studies your products and services, uses the software that your company usually uses and manages the relationships with your customers.

The multilingual team created for your needs can manage your customer care, outbound services, the data entry and the smartsourcing of your business.

Who we are

We have a staff of over 700 people, a large flexible and dynamic work group, divided into 6 offices in Tirana. Our Management and C-Level offices are in Italy and UK, to always be very close to your business.

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Management and C-Level in Italy and UK

Our Management and Level C figures are in our offices in Italy and in the United Kingdom . In this way we can be close to your business and personally take care of the initial stages of our partnership.

Daniele Volpe


Graduated in computer science, he immediately showed a particular attention to entrepreneurial processes. His offshore experience began at just 24, leading him to specialize in business process optimization and outsourcing. His constantly growing path allows him to professionalize himself as a Manager in various business areas until the foundation, in 2006, of We are Fiber, whose business success today represents a strong confirmation of his early entrepreneurial intuitions.

Francesco Marotta

Finance & Legal Director

Graduated in Economics and Commerce, continuing his education with a master's in Finance, and later increased his experience in the sector in various entrepreneurial realities, monitoring all financial activities and coordinating legal procedures in the field of personal data protection (privacy & policy). In 2006 he founded with Daniele Volpe the great reality of We are Fiber, where today he holds the role of Finance & Legal Director, with constant monitoring on GDPR matters.

Antonio Costa

Senior executive partner

After graduating in economics and commerce, he took his first steps as a professional at Accenture, where he reached the role of Project Manager, specializing in particular in development and re-engineering of processes in the pharmaceutical and large-scale distribution sectors. In 2004 he participated with Accenture in the development of the first solution center in Bangalore. Since 2010 it has established itself as a name in Real Estate entrepreneurship and since 2016 it has become part of We are Fiber, dealing with Sales Management and reorganization of processes.

Paolo de Vito Piscicelli

UK Country Manager

With an academic background in business management between Italy and the UK, he developed his career specializing in the banking sector working in the UK as a Business Audit and Asset Manager. In We are Fiber he holds the role of Country Manager, managing growth opportunities within the UK context.

Let's compose your
dream team

From 1 to 5 resources to manage smaller campaigns or to integrate the activities of the team inside your company, with a Team Leader shared with other projects.

From 5 to 10 resources to manage longer or specific campaigns (for example Level I and Level II Help Desk), with a dedicated Team Leader.

Each team can be supported by a quality control team, to verify the performance of the campaign and monitor the activities of the team.

Data in
continuous growth

We build our relationship with companies one step at a time, to guarantee you an always dynamic service, which follows your needs and those of the market.

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Why we are
in Albania

Albania attracts investments thanks to legislative tax breaks, excellent infrastructures, a young and qualified workforce, with low operating costs.

And it has the same time zone as Italy, so it's easier to manage appointments and meetings.

Country no.1 for

It is a bridge between Europe and the Balkan countries, with the advantage of having harmonized legislation with the European Union.

A growing country also thanks to air links with major European cities, all reachable with a few hours of flight.

Flexible and qualified resources

It is a young country, with enthusiasm and desire for growth. The resources are extremely qualified, with a strong inclination to problem solving.

Thanks to the phonetic aptitude for speaking foreign languages, the resources are at least bilingual, and they know European and extra-European languages.

Growing economy and IT infrastructure

Between 2016 and 2017, 16 thousand companies were born, thanks to low costs and tax and legislative benefits to attract foreign investments.

Investments in IT infrastructures have created one of the mobile networks in Europe with the greatest coverage and stability.

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