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Document management is a pre-established procedure through which a document can be acquired, modified, filed and searched when desired. Thanks to archiving, you can easily trace documents throughout their life cycle; which is an important objective in the world of work.

In regards to this, important progress has now begun with the 2020 Budget law and the decree n.162 of 2019, aimed at enhancing and promoting the digitisation of document management in public administration. Law Decree n.76 of 2020 has further accelerated the digitisation process as foreseen by the 2020-2022 three-year plan encouraging the birth of a digital, ethical, sustainable and inclusive society.


Thanks to safe and effective document filing, it is faster and easier for companies to access data. The most significant advantage of outsourcing is the ability it gives your company to save on money and resources. External resources can be used just for the necessary time, allowing you to pay only for what you need. 

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Benefits of

Document management in outsourcing


The work will be done by reducing costs and maximizing results.

Simplification of processes

Management allows you to recover time and resources to devote to something else.

Quick and intelligent archiving

The process will make every step fluid thanks to the applied technology.

Citizen/customer at the centre of the project

Document management will allow you to have all the necessary information about your users, without any loss of data.

How important it is to manage your users' data well.


 Archiving allows you to trace a document throughout its life cycle and is one of the main objectives in the world of work. Save time, increase information.

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