Supporting your sales with valuable leads

Boost your sales with our outbound call center services, a range of result-oriented campaigns including telesales and telemarketing, market research, lead generation and database cleansing.

We work with a Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing software to help you collect feedback from users and perform a lead optimisation to convert cold leads into warm leads.

  • Multilingual staff

    Our HR department commits to only hire B2 to C1 level resources and applies an internal training programme to improve language skills.

  • Effective technologies

    We use the best softwares to meet your needs.

  • Flexible and sales-oriented staff

    Our highly qualified operators will work extensively to achieve your goals.

  • Training

    Our training department replicates the required operations, in order to assimilate and then convey your corporate culture to your clients.


We collect real-time feedbacks on your product or service. Our CATI software allows us to gather data and enter them in a system for you to check them straightaway.

We can also perform Market Research and qualitative analysis of all the data collected.

Metrics tracked

  • Number of Surveys per Hour
  • Survey Duration
  • CATI

Softwares used

  • IdSurvey
  • Vicidial

Some of our clients

  • Keystone
  • DocPlanner
  • Trivago
  • Vicidial

Case study

Our solution for Illumia

  • Data Entry
  • Back Office
  • Telemarketing
  • Customer Service

Illumia is an Italian energy provider. The campaign aimed to reach customers and prospects to promote the brand and present its products. The Outbound team was supported by a Quality Check team to ensure customers had understood and accepted the company's terms and conditions, and to follow them in the after-sales. A Data Entry & Back Office team was involved to upload feedbacks, invoices and contracts on the company's systems.

  • 8 full time equivalent/telemarketing
  • 6 full time equivalent/data entry & back office
  • 2 full time equivalent/quality assurance
  • 2.9k worked hours/month

Debt Collection

Outsourcing debt collection allows you to hire a highly qualified team who will be trained according to your needs and requirements.

We will operate according to your business approach, choosing the pushing methodology you require.

Metrics tracked

  • Percentage of Debt Collected

Softwares used

  • Internal CRM
  • Internal Database
  • Vicidial

Some of our clients

  • Optima Spa
  • Unica Spa
worked hours/month


B2C/B2B Teleselling is the most direct touchpoint to enhance your sales, to test a new market or get new leads.

Our sales-oriented agents guarantee a high sales performance by defining the right audience with a preliminary analysis, to then guide leads through their purchasing process.


  • Quick increase in the number of sales
  • Market exploration or lead generation
  • Revenue growth


Building trusttogether

Try and Buy

You can test our services for up to two months before starting a partnership with us.

Quality Control

We control the correct execution of all tasks and the accuracy of the information provided to your customers, even on smaller teams: groups over 5 members are supervised by a Team Leader to monitor the performance of your outsourced team.


Each campaign is monitored and tracked to provide you with the most accurate reports.


Training and monitoring of the resources are much easier as we are just one hour ahead GMT timezone.

See our approach


Our Telemarketing campaigns include Market Research, lead generation and database cleansing for lead optimisation.

We can help you generate new leads, by collecting and testing leads to convert them into sales opportunities.

We guarantee a 24/7 coverage so you can reach your customers at any latitude, with a marketing and sales-oriented multilingual staff. Reporting will help you check the quality of service and respect of your brand values and consistency.


  • Promotion of your services and products.
  • Generation of new leads and market expansion.
  • Supporting start-ups in the early stages of their market entry.

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