The savings that can be obtained with an outsourced contact center

Until a few years ago there were call centers, large rooms where various operators answered the phone to support customers and solve certain problems. Very often, the voices of the operators overlapped with one another, so much so that it was difficult for the customer to speak and understand the directives of those on the other side of the handset.

Today, call centers have turned into contact centers which, in addition to the use of the telephone, provide many other communication channels which are faster and more practical, such as web, chat, email, Whatsapp, and social media. In this way, companies can focus more on the customer and offer him or her a swift and effective support service, so strengthening the loyalty process.

A contact center service, however important for a company, risks draining a great deal of energy, both in terms of human and economic resources. Surely it is time to consider the solution proposed by We Are Fiber: an outsourced contact center. Companies that cannot manage a contact center directly can rely on us, where we have the tools, the means and the staff to provide this critical service. If you wish to know how to outsource your contact center, contact us at We Are Fiber and together we will find the solution that best suits your needs.

The evolution of the contact center: the advantages for companies and customers

Contact Center

Before delving into the advantages of outsourcing a contact center, it is important to understand how the relationship between company and customer has profoundly changed.

Modern customers are increasingly demanding, having changed their purchasing and service habits. They want immediate answers to their questions, so the telephone service alone appears obsolete and unable to respond to the enormous number of requests for assistance. Various digital tools (websites, live chat, FAQs, emails, social networks) have come to the rescue, to give precise and quick answers, allowing users the possibility to choose the type of preferred assistance.

In addition to the communication channel, customers can also choose the best device to request assistance. For example, if they are out and about and want to take advantage of a promotion that has a limited duration, they can ask for assistance or advice directly from their smartphone. Waiting times are, in fact, halved and assistance services shaped for use and consumption by customers.

The advantages are also evident for companies that, with telephone support alone, were no longer able to manage the enormous flow of customer requests. The new digital services decongest assistance centers and deal with customers queries and issues in entirety and without wasting time.

Having multiple communication channels is certainly a strength for companies, which can quickly reach a wider target of customers. Communication methods and messages can also be customized, establishing a constant relationship with users and focusing attention not so much on the product, but on the customers themselves.

Why outsource contact center services

There are two types of contact centers: in-house and outsourced.

An in-house contact center is managed directly by a company, without relying on any external partner. This solution requires the hiring and training of personnel, which, of course, also involves a rather high cost, which is accompanied by a considerable investment of time. In some cases, it is necessary to resort to internal resources, who are moved from their positions to carry out other types of tasks for which they are not prepared. This situation generates internal chaos, with the risk of not focusing on the company's core business and losing sight of the real objectives.

An outsourced contact center entails the outsourcing of the service to an external company, which takes care of it completely. We at We Are Fiber specialize in the creation of customized contact center systems, capable of offering complex and detailed support for every need. This provides increased flexibility in customer service and serves to reduce labor costs, with savings of up to 50%. In fact, the company does not have to use resources to recruit or train staff, nor does it have to make technological investments: everything is achieved by We Are Fiber.

We provide trained staff, prepared to face any situation, with a high problem solving ability and perfectly able to use the technological tools. In particular, We Are Fiber implements a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy, so as to satisfy customer requests and collect valuable data about them, such as purchasing habits and preferences, in order to offer an increasingly personalized service.

If you wish to offer "ad hoc" solutions to your customers, modulate the offer according to a specific target audience and increase your turnover, We Are Fiber is the ideal partner to give new impetus to your business.

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