Live chat: the strategic tool for your business

Live Chat

Traditional assistance channels are not always adequate. Consider email or telephone contact: often we simply don’t have the time, nor desire, to wait hours for someone to respond to us. This is especially true in the case of quick and easy-to-handle questions. So, what is preferable?

Today, more and more companies have opted for integrating their platform systems with live chat, that is instant messaging between customer care and customers. The positive effect of conversions is inevitable. 

A user who browses a site wants to be guided and assisted in terms of finding the right product or service for his/her needs. The customer care agent must therefore always have the necessary information to ensure trouble-free support if required.

Which pages of the website did you visit?

How did you interact with the support?

At what stage of the customer journey are you?

These factors are fundamental, as help agents need to comprehend at what moment of his/her customer experience the user requires the assistance of a live chat

The person, consequently, feels understood and the shopping experience becomes a memorable one. But, there are further benefits, especially where live chat is used in an e-commerce setting. These include:


  • The possibility of upselling and cross-selling
  • Post-sales assistance
  • Collecting feedback for the improvement of the product / service or the e-commerce site


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Why integrate a chat into your website

Live chat

It is not enough to set up a live chat on your website to solve problems related to customer support, but this also has to be used in the right way. 

  • More purchasing customers

By using live chat, customers can instantly access the help they need as they browse your website. According to data from Zendesk, 92% of customers feel more satisfied when using live chat in comparison to other support options, such as phone, email, contact forms and social media.

  • Fewer costs, more satisfaction 

There is certainly additional convenience not only for users, but also for your company. In fact, live chat proves to be particularly advantageous, as it allows for increased efficiency of the service, since more chats can be managed simultaneously, so reducing the need to hire additional telephone operators. It also reduces the overall costs of the help desk center by diminishing waiting times, and results in average interaction costs being lower in comparison to a call center.

  • Maximize conversions and upselling

After having had a positive shopping experience thanks to the chat service, customers are more likely to return to your site. The fact that customers can count on someone to accompany them step-by-step along the buying journey can make all the difference in a sale. In this sense, prompt communication via chat can allow for a significant reduction in the cart abandonment rate.

Now it’s your turn

We Are Fiber is partnering with Zendesk to provide businesses with a live chat software system. The all-inclusive customer service package not only ensures an omnichannel software solution, but also comprehensive and advanced training for customer service teams. The service offered is fully customizable and allows you to receive detailed statistics on the volume of the chat and on the user experience, so as to anticipate their needs and increase satisfaction. 


Our team members possess specialized skills and are ready to handle customer queries in multiple languages. Team supervisors report to the account managers, who, in turn, communicate with the client at every stage of the process.


Contact the We Are Fiber sales team to find out more information about our all-inclusive customer care packages.



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