Automation and dematerialization: workflow outsourcing

Automation and dematerialization

Technology has radically changed document management. The increasingly frequent use of digital has not only led to the transformation of documents from paper to computer, but the digitizing of entire workflows. 

But what does this mean practically? 

The documents produced by companies form huge archives and require careful research and cataloging to be useful. The likes of invoices, emails, orders, contracts, estimates and projects are all pieces of information that must be transferred from one office to another with ease. Are you wondering how many documents are lost in a company during a given year? The answer is too many. 

Effective document management is not merely a simple matter of ensuring that things are kept under control. 

Rather, it is about digitizing work processes, where the first aspect to consider is automation in terms of the document workflow. 

The automation of processes allows you to keep the entire life cycle of documents organized and efficient, so relieving employees of repetitive activities and the possibility of making mistakes

Thinking in terms of workflow management

Automation and dematerialization

Documents are the lifeblood of a company and, to ensure business activities work accurately, it is necessary to simplify workflow processes and make these as effective as possible. 

Document workflow can be improved by way of a few steps. Identifying documents, distinguishing between those deemed sensitive and fundamental, is one of the preliminary activities in the procedure that cannot be ignored. For each type of document, in fact, it is essential to choose the most suitable workflow. 

Once the documents have been defined, the flows and methods of production, modification, sharing and storage must be defined. 

During this phase, software for document management is essential. Obviously, it is not enough simply to have the right tool. You need to use it in the right way. For this reason, it is critical to choose the right professionals, who are often not available within a company. Hiring dedicated people creates an additional cost for the company that is difficult to bear. For this reason, an excellent solution, both scalable and flexible, is to turn to outsourcing

Digitizing and automating processes

The automation of document processes guarantees an array of advantages to companies, in particular:

  • Reduction or disappearance of manual errors;
  • More time to devote to core business;
  • Less paper and therefore fewer associated costs and greater attention to the environment; 
  • Compliance with the legislation on document management;
  • Immediate traceability of documents. 

The digitization of processes therefore leads to a successful integration between data dematerialization and process automation, capable of bringing a unique competitive advantage to your company

The benefits of outsourcing

Relying on outsourcing allows companies to focus on higher yielding activities. For example, in the case of the administrative sector, numerous documents are generated and these do not result in added value. Outsourcing accounting management is an obvious solution that leads to a greater competitive advantage. Not only will paper be eliminated from the office, but digital accounting management allows a better synergy between the supplier and the customer, improving efficiency in process management. Another no less important advantage is the reduction of errors and compliance with safety standards. 

In fact, one of the most classic examples of the change from paper to digital concerns invoices. This document involves printing and enveloping processes, which entails the consumption of paper, as well as archiving, sorting and sending operations.

The dematerialization process for invoices began as early as 2014 for the public administration, while it became mandatory for private individuals from January of this year.

In addition to invoices, there are many other documents that can easily be digitized, but which are still managed in paper form today, such as quotes and orders.

With dematerialization, the standardization of procedures brings rationality and speed into processes, introducing a documentary traceability that guarantees transparency and quality in information management like no manual activity could ever do.

By turning to professional and qualified know-how, your company can take advantage of the potential for improvement in document workflows.  


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