What is data entry and why it is essential for companies

data entry

Understanding how data entry works is fundamental for companies that want to improve their productivity, avoiding errors that risk slowing down the production process or undermining its reliability.

But what does data entry mean? It is a process of entering data into a computer or any other electronic device. The data can also be transferred to an Excel sheet, a database, the cloud, or from one digital platform to another.

This operation has become even more critical after the direction of dematerialization, which aims to digitize data, reducing paper usage for both logistical and ecological reasons.

You may think it is a secondary or straightforward operation, but it is not.

Have you ever wondered how long your company spends entering a large amount of data?

What would happen if the incorrect data was entered?

From this perspective, data entry is a priority, and must be carefully and professionally managed. We at We Are Fiber are here for you and offer an accurate and reliable data entry service, improving the productivity of your company.

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How does data entry work?

The data entry operators, with the aid of highly innovative and sophisticated software, insert the digitized data in a computer system. It can be numeric data, texts, codes, invoices, and for each of them, there is a specific program. The data entry in computers can be divided into different activities according to the work of the client.

The tagging of data, for example, allows you to add small pieces of information about a service or product, thereby making it the quickest search.

The data capture is a process that captures and records the information to be processed and analyzed further.

The data annotation helps to analyze and cross-reference a large amount of different data such as audio, files, and videos to be labeled later. 

What is data transcription?

Data Entry

To better understand what data entries are, it is appropriate to analyze data transcriptions. In some cases, companies need to transcribe audio and video files and turn them into text, which is a long and tiring operation that is often outsourced.

Other times you need to add subtitles or captions to the videos to make them more understandable.

This operation is highly requested by those companies that aim to internationalize and therefore need to make a video accessible internationally, with accurate and consistent translations and subtitles

For whom are data entry services indicated?

In theory, all companies need a data entry service. With this service, you can manage payslips, invoices, orders, transactions, general information, work shift management, to name a few benefits. For example, it becomes easier for companies to view sales figures for a defined period, to understand better what worked and what did not give the desired results. You can also send documents or data to a customer quickly, thus optimizing time.

Especially e-commerce and online shops need data entry services, and in fact, they are among the activities that make them the most requested. E-commerce stores a massive amount of data including figures, invoices, orders, prices, and transactions. Thanks to data entry services, online stores can quickly order products, label them, and classify them also to optimize warehouse management and reduce the risk of unsold goods or deterioration.

Many other activities are approaching the world of data entry, such as software, transport and logistics companies, packaging, healthcare, finance, and catering. For each of these areas, data management becomes fundamental to offer an impeccable service to its customers and optimize the company’s economic resources.

Why is it important to outsource data entry services?

Now that you understand what data entry is, it will be easier to know why it is important to outsource these services. As already mentioned, data entries allow you to recover precious time for other activities and eliminate errors that can be costly. Since we at We Are Fiber use qualified staff and cutting-edge software to support this process, your team can focus on other tasks for which they are more specialized. Finally, improve the productivity of your company, as you collect a large amount of data without further investment.

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