Data entry

Converting your data into accesible information

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Our Data Entry outsourcing services make your company's data and documents more accessible.

We take care of time-consuming activities such as digitalisation and data entry, with a flexible management of staff.

  • Low error rate

    Our business standardisation process and the internal quality check ensure a low error rate in data entry.

  • Performance

    The pricing model is based on the results achieved by the outsourced staff.

  • Pay by number of hours worked

    Pay resources per hours worked, with no fixed costs and little investments.

  • Data Protection

    Feel safe as your data and documents are processed in full compliance with data protection rules.

Back Office

Back office management helps you manage more effectively your internal and external processes, improving the perceived quality of your products or services and your customer relations.

Our operators can take care of your business internal processes, identify them and make them repeatable.

Metrics tracked

  • Performance Evaluation per Time Unit

Technologies supported

  • Salesforce
  • BeOne
  • Siebel
  • Client's softwares
  • Zendesk

Some of our Clients

Case study

Our solution for Just Eat

  • Data Entry
  • Document Management
  • Payroll & Payslip

The worldwide food delivery company hired us to outsource their Data Entry tasks, that is data entry and digitalisation activities, database cleansing and big data analysis, ensuring deadlines are met with a 0 error rate.

Our main tasks were mainly related to the registration of new restaurants in the directory, creation and update of all the menus. The main team was supported by a Quality Check team to double check the work done.

  • 19 full time equivalent
  • 650 restaurants entered/month
  • 650 menus entered/month
  • 1.1k menus updated/month


Building your customers’ trust is something you create over time and over different channels. By outsourcing your Customer Relationship Management you always get updated and accurate information about your customer base.

CRM outsourcing includes acquiring information such as customers’ data and contracts, registry update and getting insights to improve customer support.

Metrics tracked

  • Data Entry Handling Time
  • Back Log (data queue)

Technologies supported

  • Salesforce
  • Vtiger
  • Enerp
  • B-one


Building trusttogether

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You can test our services for up to two months before starting a partnership with us.

Quality Control

We control the correct execution of all tasks and the accuracy of the information provided to your customers, even on smaller teams: groups over 5 members are supervised by a Team Leader to monitor the performance of your outsourced team.


Each campaign is monitored and tracked to provide you with the most accurate reports.


Training and monitoring of the resources are much easier as we are just one hour ahead GMT timezone.

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Document Management

Outsourcing your document management activities can bring several advantages:

-Save time and attention, as repetitive activities are performed by dedicated operators;

-Save onfixed cost, because you only pay resources for their hours worked;

-Saveroom dedicated to hard copy filing;

-Improve theusability, of your documents.

Metrics tracked

  • Electronic Filing Speed
  • Amount of Filed Data per Time Unit
  • Filed Data Structure (Usability)

Softwares used

  • Zoho
  • OCR.Space

Case study

Our solution for The Liners

  • Back Office
  • Data Entry
  • Telemarketing

The international cargo transport company hired us to perform Data Entry and Back Office, with a 0-error rate. Our main data entry activities included documents such as delivery notes and invoices, while back office tasks included updating the company's registers and rates.

  • 5 full time equivalent
  • 400 files entered/operator/month
  • 900 worked hours/month
  • hourly reporting

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