Data entry for the logistics and transport sector

Data entry logistics

The logistics and transport sector has undergone profound change in recent years, largely thanks to the digitization of services. The operators of this sector can no longer do without data entry services, which provide functional and efficient tools that cut costs and waiting times and improve the productivity of the company.

We Are Fiber has been dealing with online data entry for several years now, so having gained the necessary experience to offer flexible and customized services for every need.

Find out what data entry does and how to apply it to your company.

What is data entry and what are the advantages?

Data entry logistics

Before focusing on the specific services offered in the logistics and transport sector, it is appropriate to dwell, for a moment, on the meaning of data entry and the benefits it brings to each activity. Data entry refers to the process of entering digital data into a computer or any other electronic device. The data entry operator therefore deals with aspects of the business that fall within the back office and concern data processing.

Companies have the opportunity to rely on third parties to carry out these important tasks, which, nevertheless, are not seen as a priority for the business. This allows for staff to concentrate on the core business of the company, delegating other secondary tasks and optimizing the available resources and workforce.

Data entry companies, such as We Are Fiber, have a high degree of specialization in the field of each requested service, so ensuring a professional and accurate final product. This, on the other hand, cannot be guaranteed from the employees of a company, who may have been hired for other tasks and do not have the necessary specializations.


Online data entry work for companies in the logistics and transport sector includes various operations, one of which is billing. This procedure involves, amongst other things, the issuing of packing slips for deferred invoicing, or the transfer of material from one warehouse to another. Documents not subject to invoicing need be appropriately managed, such as free loan, C / vision documents, etc. It is also possible to link the accompanying invoice to warehouse items and impromptu descriptions, or insert prices with and without VAT.

Before making a shipment, companies must obtain a series of documents in the event of official checks along the way, also necessary to keep the accounting and invoicing in order. These are certainly important operations, yet they do not represent the core of the shipping activity and can therefore risk wasting time if done internally.

This is where We Are Fiber can step in, as we personally take care of carrying out all these operations with the utmost seriousness and professionalism, so that shipments are guaranteed in accordance with the law.

Telephone customer assistance

Those who run a transport and shipping company often have to deal with anxious and restless customers, ready to bombard them with phone calls if delivery is a few minutes late. Customer service is a priority, so poor and inefficient service in this regard is not only fruitless, but actually counterproductive.

Customer care has to be one of the main strengths for any business, an added value which allows a company to stand out from the competition. For this reason, it is advisable to entrust telephone assistance work to a third party, capable of optimally managing all customer requests, questions and complaints.

As a result, the owner of a transport company does not have to spend days on the phone responding to customers worried about their deliveries, but can pass the “hot potato” to professionals in the sector capable of providing maximum support. In this way, the company’s brand reputation also improves, thanks to an impeccable customer support service.

Management of collections, shipments and check documents

Other demanding operations for a logistics and transport company concern the management of collections and shipment of goods. Once the prices, methods and timing of shipments are defined, the task should be all but completed. However, delays or errors in shipments can occur, which wastes time and money for the transport company. To streamline and maximize the entire shipping chain, it is advisable to entrust certain tasks to third parties who can offer a targeted and specialized service to mitigate such delays and errors.

Another critical task is the so-called check documents, aimed at keeping track of the completed shipments and including the necessary documents for such processes. These tasks, too, can be safely performed by a data entry company.

The gain derived from outsourcing data entry, both in economic terms and in terms of time optimization, is considerable. It allows you to decongest the workload that weighs on your business, where the aim is leaner and more flexible productivity, according to your particular needs.

We at We Are Fiber are constantly winning and retaining customers, thanks to our scrupulous and competent service.

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