Ticketing systems: what they are and how to make the most of them

For many companies, requests for support from customers are numerous and can occur at different times and on different channels. Managing these requests with traditional systems is almost impossible, with the risk of not being able to process them in time.

Customers hence feel little considered and begin to lose confidence in the company. The final result is inevitable: loyalty dwindles and the customer turns to another company.

This problem can be solved with effective help desk ticketing software, which speeds responses, reduces errors, provides efficient customer service and simplifies operators' lives.

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What is a ticketing system?

Ticketing systems

A ticketing system is a computer system designed to record and manage all requests for assistance or problems submitted by users. It is connected to a database that collects information on customers, products and services provided, and all phases are monitored and managed, from reporting the problem to its resolution.

The management of a request follows a far streamlined process, which provides clear answers to users regarding the process and timing of the outcome. The operators themselves can act with a more complete overview, which allows them to provide clear and precise answers in the shortest possible time.

Why choose a multichannel ticketing system?

As mentioned, requests often come from different channels and the risk is not being able to manage these correctly. A ticketing system collects all the support tickets from different channels, and then organizes them in a single tab. Agents can thus answer questions from the same tab, regardless of the channel used.

All communication is entered in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, so one is able to reply to different email addresses. In the same way, it is possible to communicate with customers on the various social networks, possibly setting certain keywords.

To offer more customer support, you can use live chats to better understand consumer needs. If the problem requires more attention, simply convert the chat to a ticket. Modern ticketing tools also allow you to use cloud telephony, making and receiving calls directly from within the help desk. All phone calls can be archived, monitored or transformed into tickets.

An improvement in the user experience

Proper customer management is a fundamental factor for the success of a company. Customers need to feel cared for, and above all, they expect quick and effective answers in the context of complete and efficient assistance.

For example, it becomes tedious for a customer to present the problem every time he or she uses different communication channels. By taking advantage of the previous tickets submitted by customers, operators can quickly ascertain the problem and understand the context in which to intervene. Problem solving is thus far more speedy.

According to recent statistics, most consumers prefer to use the web’s self-service ability to solve problems quickly. This is certainly a factor to exploit for companies that, by offering users the possibility of finding answers to their questions independently, can eradicate intensive and oftentimes useless work. It is therefore advisable to create an archive containing the most frequently asked questions, or a blog with tutorials on the most recurring problems.

If customers cannot find the solutions to their problems, they can always contact customer support according to their preferred channel.

Leaner and simpler work for operators

Operators must have as much information as they can, to work efficiently and with as little stress as possible, so improving productivity. Therefore, there must be a clear hierarchy, which explains and identifies who manages a particular ticket. Intelligent automated systems allow you to assign the ticket to specific agents, who have the right technical skills to solve a problem in a short period of time.

Multichannel ticketing systems permit you to monitor the performance of customer service, measuring satisfaction and identifying strengths and weaknesses. It can happen that some problems take longer to resolve than others or that they often occur at certain times of the day. With the right tools, it is advisable to take the necessary countermeasures, creating customer reports if necessary and planning interventions.

Ticket management can be shaped according to the needs and guidelines of your brand, thus supporting the growth of your business, without upsetting its strategies.

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