Reduce labor costs with payroll outsourcing

Managing personnel does not only mean supervising their work and applying all of the legal and contractual regulations concerning the employment relationship. Managing your employees or collaborators involves a series of processes and activities that are much more complex.


Personnel administration services ensure the correct and timely processing of fundamental activities concerning the personnel of a company. Among the most critical areas of personnel management is the administration and processing of payrolls, commonly known as "payslips"


The management of a company’s payroll is absolutely essential. Despite what many people think, it is not just about filling out forms with figures and presenting these to employees, usually every 27th of the month. It also involves a series of operations that require a high level of expertise and experience. 


If the company’s internal resources are not specialized, it will be necessary to hire an ad hoc figure for this role. There is another more straightforward and more affordable solution that most companies are adopting: outsourced payroll management

The outsourcing of payroll management allows you to optimize the accounting of personnel, without facing the costs of an internal resource


We are Fiber creates tailor-made solutions to enter, retrieve and process staff data with confidentiality and precision. The payroll management is entrusted to specialized resources in the sector. Find out more about this efficient strategy. 


But what does it mean to manage payroll? 

Reduce labor costs with payroll outsourcing

Payroll Processing

While payroll isn't just related to payroll processing, this is one of the most important aspects of the activity. The creation of payslips today is connected to software based on databases, which simplify this work, processing payslips in compliance with current legislation. 

Just relying on software, however, is not enough, if not supported by experts who can make the most of the potential of the programs. 


Attendance and absences: how to improve management

In some sectors, it is very important to manage the attendance and absences of employees, especially in the case of companies that work in shifts, and with a large number of employees. In many situations, particularly in public administration, this problem is solved with the classic “card” stamping systems, or the most advanced magnetic cards. The latter work, thanks to software that generates reports. 


Holiday and travel management

Another area managed by payroll is the control of holidays and travel. The allocation of holidays, especially for large companies, becomes a complicated operation. Again, in this case, there are computer programs capable of organizing holidays and transfers in the most precise and functional way possible.

The advantages of payroll outsourcing

The human resources sector is too often caught up in time-consuming activities that distract from strategic and management activities, which benefit the entire company’s organization. 


The processing of payslips, and all related activities, involves the use of time and resources and continuous updating to comply with new applications and regulations. Outsourcing payroll activities can bring great advantage to personnel administration, with considerable savings of resources and costs. 


Outsourcing these activities can become a winning strategy for the company


The outsourcing of payroll activities involves a greater focus on your employees. Entrusting payroll processing services, holiday management, shifts and transfers to a specialized company leads to an increase in the accuracy and speed of these activities. In addition, there is a reduction in the number of complaints from employees, with a net improvement of the working climate and productivity.


The We Are Fiber payroll outsourcing service involves entrusting the processing of payslips and information checks resulting from the calculation of salaries, both monthly and annually, to the experts.


Our operators, specialized in the management of the service, are at the customer's disposal to help with the daily tasks related to personnel administration. This includes coming to a thorough understanding of the unique needs within the company by way of listening and anticipating requests.


The company can provide, in real time, all the historicized information of its employees and collaborators, including detailed personal data, files of professional careers, salary histories and increases, accruals and counters, etc.


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