Managing and streamlining your business process

Our Smartsourcing services are designed to enhance your and standardise your daily tasks, in order to save and focus on your core business.

  • SME - subject matter expert

    Our network of experts guarantee a quality service for specific issues.

  • Data protection

    Feel safe as your data and documents are processed in full compliance with data protection rules.

  • Quality Check

    We ensure the quality of service by performing quality checks in Albania or in your native country.

  • Effective technologies

    We use the best softwares to meet your needs.


Outsourced Payroll management can help you streamline your staff accounting activities, with no fixed costs and a flexible work schedule.

This service is deployed by resources with financial skills, who can manage quantitative and qualitative information with a high level of accuracy and confidentiality.

Metrics tracked

  • Number of Payrolls per Hour

Technologies used

  • Zendesk
  • Specific CRMs

Some of our clients

  • Unica SPA


We can help you manage all your accounting duties, such as general accounting, customer accounting, supplier accounting and treasury.

Our operators guarantee flexibility according to the seasonality of your business, respect of data protection and a privacy procedure, in compliance with EU regulations.

Metrics tracked

  • Data Storage Speed
  • Transactions Completed
  • Operator Invoice Typing Speed

Softwares used

  • SAP
  • Buffetti

Some of our clients

  • Unica SPA

Case study

Our solution for KeyStone

  • Market Research
  • Survey

The researching and head hunting company hired us for a European market research campaign that aimed to contact English, German, Italian, French and Spanish companies to complete the surveys in a given timespan and according to the company quality standards.

  • 8 full time equivalent
  • 400 surveys prepared
  • 15-30 mins Average Handling Time
  • 4 languages

Quality Check

Increase the effectiveness of your outsourced services with a Quality Check team who will supervise resources and tasks.

The Quality Check is performed by operators based in their area of reference and it involves a spot-check of inbound and outbound calls, check of data entered and alignment to standards.

Metrics tracked

  • Knowledge of Product/Service
  • Call Opening
  • Call Closing
  • Tone/Empathy
  • Multilingual Grammar Check

Softwares used

  • custom wearefiber softwares

Some of our clients

  • Just Eat
  • Brico Bravo
  • Vodafone
  • Unica SPA

Process automation

We can map your existing business processes and analyse single activities, in order to suggest possible areas for improvement and automation and new processes.

Our services include continuous monitoring and consulting, to ensure you with an immediate saving by outsourcing the whole process or a part of it.

Metrics tracked

  • Time Saving
  • Costs Saving

Softwares used

  • A highly skilled team

Some of our clients

  • Just Eat
  • SoccerTime


Building trusttogether

Try and Buy

You can test our services for up to two months before starting a partnership with us.

Quality Control

We control the correct execution of all tasks and the accuracy of the information provided to your customers, even on smaller teams: groups over 5 members are supervised by a Team Leader to monitor the performance of your outsourced team.


Each campaign is monitored and tracked to provide you with the most accurate reports.


Training and monitoring of the resources are much easier as we are just one hour ahead GMT timezone.

See our approach

Control room

Our specialists can control and monitor your company's technologic equipment and assets, such as server rooms.

We perform a safe and continuous monitoring to ensure an immediate intervention, based on the different alert levels set by your company.

Metrics tracked

  • Specialists

Softwares used

  • PRTG

Virtual assistant

A Virtual Assistant can be a valuable support for small businesses or freelance professionals, with no fixed costs.

According to your needs, we can support you with an automated process or a multilingual operator.


  • Less time-consuming activities.
  • Better management of customer relationship.
  • Less fixed costs, as you only pay for hours worked.

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