Social Instant Messaging: More Than Just Customer Care

 What is the fastest way that you know to get a message across?

 he answer that will immediately come to your mind will be Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram or Instagram. Namely, all instant messaging apps.

In these applications, the response time is around a few seconds, and they are among the most popular and widespread communication methods.


The main reason? They perfectly meet the need for instantaneous feedback.

With instant messaging, a one-to-one conversation of great value is activated, increasing the brand’s positive perception.


How to reach customers with social instant messaging


Once you have chosen the platform closest to the company's objectives, you need to think about the right strategy. Not all instant messaging apps respond in the same way and need to be adapted to your business model. To create a winning strategy, you need to intercept customers based on their preferences and what is most comfortable and convenient for them.


Using instant messaging channels, a company can offer assistance in real-time


The downside of managing instant messaging is to provide optimal service; you will need to allocate dedicated resources to monitor, control, and respond instantly to your customers' messages. If you are unable to respond to requests in real-time, the consequence will be a sort of boomerang that will lead to the loss of the customer and a reduction of customer satisfaction.


How to Manage Your Social Customer Care

Social Instant Messaging

Customer Service is the backbone of your company, and as already mentioned above, this service needs attention from operators dedicated to handling various requests from multiple platforms.

When the customer sends a request through a Social App, a resolution is expected immediately. 


The solution is to form a team of dedicated people or outsource the service to a company specializing in the sector.

We Are Fiber boasts extensive experience in the management of Social Instant Messaging services, and the implementation and integration of platforms that we call omnichannel.


An omnichannel approach will help you to collect customer inquiries from all your chosen Social Media channels. In this way, customers receive fast and practical assistance, and your company can keep track of requests and understand your customers better. 


 We Are Fiber takes care of your social media presence. Thanks to our partnership with Zendesk we manage omnichannel campaigns with maximum efficiency. By combining our experience with the latest technology, we can provide quality outsourcing solutions for your business.


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