How to monitor customer service

customer service

The support team continually works to achieve its goals and improve customer satisfaction. Providing a quality experience is undoubtedly the future, and customer service remains a central point in the Customer Experience Strategy.

But how do you measure customer satisfaction? 

If you don’t evaluate your customer support, you can hardly measure the success of your activities. To do this, you need to check your KPIs.

Here are the 4 KPIs that cannot be missing in customer support monitoring.

Customer Service

– Customer Satisfaction Score: the value of customer satisfaction

Giving value to customer satisfaction is a complicated process. Knowing customers’ emotions is much more difficult than grasping objective facts, such as quantitative indicators of sales rates.

There are several models with which users’ satisfaction can be registered: one of the most popular is the Customer Satisfaction Score, also abbreviated to CSAT. This method of calculation is particularly interesting if your company registers many direct contacts with customers, for example, by operating directly on social media and offering customer service through Direct Messaging. Furthermore, the CSAT is suitable for evaluating call centers and contact centers, which are used to process a large number of customer requests and are often entrusted to third-party service providers.

The Customer Satisfaction Score is assessed by administering a survey that may contain one or more questions. 

– Net Promoter Score: customer loyalty parameter

The NPS measures the probability that a user would recommend you to another person. Compared to CSAT, it aims at the intention and not an emotion; thus, the response is influenced less by the mood of the moment. 

Ask your users how likely they are to recommend you on a scale of 1 to 10. Rank their responses into categories: your NPS will be the difference between supporters and opponents. 

Just think, companies like Apple reach values ​​of 75-85%

– First Response Time: time until the first reaction

Speed ​​is a crucial factor in customer satisfaction. Responding quickly to requests is also essential because the competition could always arrive a click before you. 

Providing automatic answers such as “we will take care of your problem soon” could be a solution and facilitate the waiting time of your customers. 

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