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Over the years, Customer Experience has seen some crucial changes in many different aspects. Before the internet was introduced to the world, customers stayed in long queues for service. I mean, the number of channels was so small that it took a lot of time to get served. You either had to go by the company or contact them by phone or writing a letter.  Not that convenient actually.

Meanwhile, the internet has toughened up the challenges, but on the other hand, it has brought a broad range of new opportunities. The Internet created the possibility for companies to build bridges between existing and new clients with all the different mediums that it offers.

In other words, technology has developed using big steps and it is not showing any signs of stopping soon. Basically, while technology evolves, so do customers and their expectations. They now understand that the title ‘Kings of the market’ is theirs. That’s why Customer Experience now is as important as the product or service itself.


How has Customer Experience evolved?

Nowadays, the customers set the standard and the world of business can do nothing but to follow their requirements. Many different elements of Customer Service that companies had control over are now on the customer’s side of the moon. Let’s take a quick look.

The aspect that experienced the most radical change is the speed required to answer inquiries. Simply companies do not have the luxury to work with their own time. Customers expect easy access to information and quick assistance. Not being able to respond on time will lead them to find another alternative.  Customers will choose your competitor if you do not bring value by servicing them. The market has obligated companies to follow the latest Customer Service trends and also to acquire the latest technology.

Coverage, innovation, and personalization- When we talk about coverage, it is not only about time. The online presence today is a daily challenge. As we were discussing above, the number of channels has increased exponentially.  Social Customer Service, for instance, has revolutionized the way consumers receive Customer Support. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc, have turned the tables, now the customers can dictate their preferences.  This has opened room for innovation and personalization in Customer Care. Companies try to find new exciting ways to interact with customers, which has to be done fast.  Now Customer Service can even be public, which is another way of marketing your brand. Click here to read more about the Social Customer Service.


Before the year 2000, most of the people didn’t believe that the day they will be assisted by robots would become real. This is a model of support that is done by an automated system such as a help center, chatbot or other artificial intelligence. With all the insight that companies have now, they are focusing on helping clients help themselves. Both parts benefit from this model. Customers receive fast, on-demand information or solution. While, on the other hand, businesses reduce costs, serve multiple clients at once and reduce friction. The correct implementation of an automated process, mixed with the human touch,  will result in an excellent Customer Service.


What changed Customer Experience?

Technology- The first one to ‘blame’ surely is the development of technology. Day by day, the connection between businesses and consumers is simplified. Technology gives customers the opportunity to reach out on every minute, every day and have access to platforms that permit them to publicly praise or diss your company. Only companies that are willing to adapt to these circumstances are going to survive.  For instance, the internet has created a market which is for everyone, whatever size or industry. But consequently, it has made it much harder to convert customers into clients. There are so many similar businesses waiting for your mistake. It is a self-regulatory platform that gives consumers what they are looking for. To conclude, it has shaped Customer Experience into a much more dynamic relationship.

Customer expectation and competition – Customers have the tendency to get used with new ideas. They are always hungry, asking for more. Remember when free shipping was one of the greatest marketing tactics? Well not anymore, nowadays is something that most customers expect to have with their deal. They have the power to shape Customer Service because companies can’t afford to be arrogant. And don’t be mistaken, competitors will listen to your client’s demands if you are the one who thinks it is not necessary. Even the delivery of support now is a competition. Businesses are constantly looking to implement new ideas that satisfy customer needs.

Globalization, gave the opportunity to worldwide business to adopt new ideas, tools, and methods into their own company. Basically, it was internet which enabled the quick flow of information and ideas. Instead of being just a market, it is also a learning network where you can be based on ideas from other projects and enterprises to service your customers the best.


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To make it even better, we are Zendesk partners, an omnichannel platform that simplifies and increases Customer Satisfaction by collecting all inquiries into a single source.

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