Social Media Customer Service

social media customer service

How do you know that a company is performing at the highest level? Well from the quality of the product or service of course, but not only. Nowadays there are multiple characteristics that improve the overall experience of customers. The most important one is the correct implementation of Social Media Customer Service. Customer Support is in constant evolution with the development of technology. For instance, Social Media have made it both tougher and easier for companies to provide the best customer support.

Social platforms brought a big change into society and they have revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers. The number of worldwide accounts increases day by day. For example, Facebook has 2.38 billion users at the moment and it is expected to reach the 3 billion landmark by 2021.

In a word, those are 2.38 billion potential customers, of which 1.5 billion sign in every day. As one of the biggest communities, it comes with a lot of opportunities, but are you taking advantage of them? Let’s find out.

What is Social Customer Service?

Instead of being just a place to connect with friends and family, Social Medias provide a platform for potential and existing customers to reach out to brands and seek help when they have queries, issues or concerns.  There are many different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc. Furthermore, each one of them has numerous different ways you can interact with. Initially, you have chats and messages but also with comments and posts.

Just imagine that you have an X company which operates in all of the above mentioned social media. Each of them has it’s own communication channel and for sure, you will be receiving queries from all of them. Customers need to feel that you are always ready to answer their problems, standing by in the corner. You can use social media to give the impression as if they’re talking directly to the company. Maybe it won’t be easy to respond to every single comment, but if you reply constantly,  customers and clients will notice.

Much more than just Social Media Customer Service

Without being social, it will be just a media. In fact, it is much more than just answering queries and concerns. Social Media Customer Service should be about relationship and loyalty building, which can only be achieved by reaching a high response rate. Most importantly, it allows you to create a brand customers can rely on. If you leave good impressions constantly, the word is going to spread.


Why is Social Media Customer Service different? 

We all know standard Customer Service like email management, call handling or website chats.  Companies use direct lines where their clients can contact them and resolve their issues. On the other hand, Social Media Customer Service is completely different and it has its own approach.

Your clients are already there. They will come by your business and if you don’t provide effective service paired with a positive attitude, they will go to your competitor. Social Media has empowered customers so much. They can either make or break your brand’s name so fast you won’t notice.  Now they can choose the communication channel themselves and time is not anymore on companies favor. Customers expect faster answers if you want them to become a regular client.

Equally important, companies can deal with multiple customers at once. Giving support over the phone requires a lot of time as every customer takes his/her own time to describe their issue. Anyway, with the emergence of social media, the agents can handle multiple customers at the same time. In addition, they can easily manage cases with customers that face the same issues by posting the solution on a public forum.

Social Media allows public customer interaction. Sometimes they want to share their problems on online platforms, especially social media. Businesses cannot hamper with their brand image in public. These type of queries need immediate action to solve the problem. It gives you the opportunity to show how helpful and highly responsive you are. This is free marketing that will help you create a positive impact on potential customers.

How to manage Customer Service. 

  • Initially, you should start considering social customer service as a priority. As we mentioned above, the number of users is almost half of the world population. So more and more customers, new or existing, are going to approach your company through social media. Customer Service is the backbone of your company and in the near future, Social Media will become the backbone of your Customer Service.
  • You need to set up a social handle team. Social Service needs special care from focused agents to manage all queries. Customers expect solutions for their issues as quickly as possible, so a dedicated campaign is a must. You can either hire your own team or you can choose to outsource it to another company that is specialized in that area.
  • Be proactive and creative. In a market with so much dynamism and so many similar companies to yours, you have got to make your voice heard. Be creative with your Customer Care, especially with public interaction. Don’t be a ‘robot’. Instead, try to properly understand every issue and then provide a faster and satisfying solution. Potential customers will notice that you care.
  • And to finish it, you should consider implementing omnichannel platforms. An omnichannel approach will help you gather customer quires from all channels of Social Media that you are present in. This will make the job much easier. Omnichannel organize all quires into a single queue so you don’t miss any of them.

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