How to manage customer reviews of your ecommerce

Did you know that 87% of customers read internet reviews and that over 50% of customers are unlikely to do business with a company that has less than a 4-star rating?

One important aspect of maintaining your company's internet reputation is managing customer reviews.

To complete this engagement successfully, it is important to dedicate the right time to it. The best results are obtained when you ask for reviews soon after a customer buys something from you or has a good experience with one of your products or services. For your business, outsourcing online reviews might be a wise move.

It's possible that some of your reviews come from clients who weren't quite satisfied. These reviews are equally significant, if not more so, than the ones from raving fans.

Your company will benefit and save time by outsourcing the management of your online reviews.

Outsourcing service providers can forge real connections with the people—a.k.a. clients—behind the reviews by producing uplifting responses and enlightening interactions. They can also increase the possibility that customers who had a positive experience will spread the word about it in a glowing review.

Here’why you should outsource managing online reviews for your eCommerce

Almost 90% of people tend to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

These days, an important component of an effective marketing plan is outsourcing online reviews. Online reviews are frequently sincere and accurate testimonials from consumers who have purchased and used your goods or service. They affect SEO outcomes as well. Businesses with several 5-star reviews are rewarded by Google with preferential placement.

Shopping patterns are still changing, especially online. Customers may simply and quickly make informed purchasing selections thanks to the abundance of information available. When purchasing a product, prospective buyers are most likely to consider user reviews, especially if they have never made a purchase from your business before.

By obtaining favorable reviews from devoted and satisfied customers, outsourcing your online review management has the potential to increase your sales and give you a reliable source of incoming traffic.

Online reviews are commonplace for more than just small eCommerce stores or restaurants. Find out how your sales staff can use internet reviews to their advantage to close more business.

Concrete benefits of outsourcing customer reviews management

The internet is a vast, frightening world. If you don't keep track of the evaluations for your service or product, it can be too late for your business when you finally understand what’s been going on.

Keeping tabs on what others are saying about you online should be a priority, whether it be on Facebook, Google, Yelp, or another site where people give reviews.

However, managing your internet reviews can be the last thing that’s on your mind when you’re dealing with countless other business activities that need to be completed every day.

This is why you need outsourcing for your eCommerce business reviews. Engaging a third-party service provider can come with a few benefits such as:

  • Accountability

That is what the team you engage to handle your customer reviews will be doing far more frequently than you can: All online customer reviews that are received will be handled, read, and responded to by them. This guarantees that complaints won't be ignored and that any honest criticism or issues will be handled.

  • Real-Time Reaction & Feedback

You can immediately identify what is and isn't working when you have someone monitoring what customers are saying about a new or used product. There's no need to wait for research or analytics to surface. As a result of ongoing internet review monitoring, you can currently find out what people are thinking.

  • Less stress

When you hire a third party to manage your online reviews, the person responding to critical or unfavorable feedback won't grow defensive when resolving complaints. After all, taking these criticisms personally and responding in kind would only damage your brand over time.

  • Someone is always on guard

 Companies that keep an eye on internet evaluations have a system in place that notifies them whenever your company, its goods, or anything else associated with you is mentioned. As a result, they are able to monitor the entire World Wide Web, which is something that the majority of business owners are unable to achieve.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

When someone responds promptly to complaints, suggestions, and compliments – it demonstrates to your clients that you care. They will therefore be more inclined to come back and conduct business with you in the future. As you can see, it can be very advantageous in the long run to employ a third party to keep an eye on and manage your internet reviews.

You outsourced eCommerce customer reviews: Now what?!

An eCommerce company must have a solid and consistent brand reputation in order to attract new clients and cultivate a following of devoted customers, and customer feedback plays a crucial role in that. Here are some of the most common services third-party providers offer in their review managing plans.

  • Keeping track of online reviews

External companies usually will regularly monitor the feedback you get on online review sites and simplify the process of keeping them up to date.

  • Responding to reviews 

Third-party service providers will take the important step of addressing internet reviews and appropriately acknowledging comments made on social media.

  • Ensuring a healthy and well-known brand

 By working with various departments, outsourced companies will assist you in maintaining a positive brand image across the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Manage brand standards & guidelines

To make sure that brand requirements are strictly adhered to, the company will usually monitor the content that is produced under your brand both online and off.

Managing negative reviews and complaints: Few strategies to keep in mind!

Almost every business has a few not-so-great reviews, no matter the product or service offered. Sometimes, businesses might feel like everything can go wrong because of a bad review, but even though they’re extremely important, with the right management nothing bad is going to happen to your eCommerce store.

Here are a few strategies you should apply when it comes to negative reviews and complaints:

  • Don’t ignore the claim or negative review

From a strategic perspective, you must be customer-focused. Giving customers the greatest experience possible while using resources, a staff to handle clients, and a shared positive goal is what motivates you and your business.

  • Encourage your customer to express their experiences, even when they happen to be negative

The safest approach is always to be prepared. Customers must, however, be able to communicate and express themselves. Make sure your customers can find out how and where to do it through all of your marketing channels, including your website, social media accounts, emails, customer service, and online stores.

  • Direct your customer's inquiry or claim to the appropriate team, department, or individual

Give customers immediate access to a named person at your business who will ensure the process is cared for, supported, and treated well.

  • Give them a relevant, quick, and satisfying answer

This is the primary step, where the problem needs to be resolved. There are various methods for managing it. The key goal is to start a conversation with your customer in which you'll try to come up with a clear solution as quickly as you can.

  • Measure the effectiveness of your processes

Let customers help you evaluate and, if necessary, modify your process.

  • Improve, improve, improve.

Each evaluation and assertion has space for improvement of your products/services, as was previously said.

You need to have a broad perspective in order to deal with the types of circumstances when clients are angry and dissatisfied. As was mentioned before, sealing with customer reviews is vital. Especially if they have a tendency to "wreck" your online store. Take that moment, not only as an opportunity to interact with your customer but also as a relationship-building process.

Why online reviews are important for your eCommerce business from all perspectives

First things first, there is no doubt that customer reviews have an impact on conversion and sales; the better ranked, rated, or appraised your product is by customers, the more attention and potential purchases it will receive. Sales drive growth, profitability, a positive reputation—at least for your goods or services—and brand recognition.

Second, you want your brand to be seen in the online competitive market. Your online presence and visibility, particularly on search engines, is one of the many things you should pay attention to (for example, Google). That is what search engine optimization, or SEO, entails. Your knowledge of working on keywords, content, rankings, queries, etc. is likely already extensive. The influence of internet reviews on your SEO may be underrated.

Finally, getting a lot of good feedback and watching your consumers interact with you is useful for you from a product and quality standpoint as well as from a retailer’s point of view. Brand awareness is what will drive your company to the top.

Because customers have more and more platforms to voice their opinions and provide feedback, the significance of customer reviews has grown over the past few years. Enabling customers to publish reviews and then analyzing them enables a firm to enhance profitability. This is true of both good and negative online customer reviews.

After examining your reviews you can improve your product or service, boost sales, and make data-based decisions.

Final Thoughts

Online review management is a relatively a new thing in the eCommerce industry. With the development of social media and e-commerce, it became crucial for every online shop and e-commerce business. The secret to successfully expanding your organization is to outsource the management reviews to the right outsourcing service provider. That’s why We Are Fiber is here.

Let’s have a chat and discuss what we can do for your eCommerce business!

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