Outsourcing customer service pays off: the benefits

Why do companies outsource customer service? This is indeed a legitimate question considering that more and more companies rely on this innovative service. In this article, we focus on the importance of outsourcing services, also simply called outsourcing. Yet, first of all, it is crucial to understand that customer expectations have changed.

More demanding customers: why companies outsource customer service

Outsourcing customer service pays off

To understand why companies rely on external parties for customer service, it is essential to focus on customers.

Modern consumers expect to have a customer experience that is satisfying at 360°, from the purchase of a good or service to the after-sales support. Until a few years ago, if a customer received subpar assistance, little changed for the company. The choices for the customer were, in fact, very limited.

Today, with the digitization of services, if customers are not satisfied, they can abandon the company with ease and rely on another, since choices are almost unlimited.

The quality of the product or service you sell is important, but not enough to win consumer trust. Indeed, a large percentage of people interviewed in a survey in this regard said they were willing to pay a little more in order to have personalized and rewarding customer service.

Along these lines, in a recent article we delved into how to increase earnings by way of customer loyalty, a necessary step for any business that wants to grow. Among other things, retaining a customer is far less expensive than acquiring a new one. A loyal customer, in turn, becomes an advertisement, as such a person will speak well of your company and trigger positive word of mouth.

Outsource customer service: the 4 benefits for your business 

To better understand why companies outsource customer service, here is a list of the primary benefits:

  • cost cutting;
  • qualified personnel and cutting-edge technologies;
  • possibility to focus on the company's core business;
  • better use of customer data.

Why do companies outsource customer service? Stop economic waste

Let's consider a company that has decided not to outsource its customer service. In this case, the business must form a dedicated team to deal with customer management and equip themselves with the appropriate tools. Staff training and the purchasing of technologies naturally involve costs that weigh on the company budget.

Additionally, certain periods of the year present peaks in requests. A travel company, for example, during the summer or Christmas periods can be overwhelmed by a wave of requests. There is therefore a risk of not having enough staff to manage this enormous flow.

On the contrary, in "dead" periods, such companies could employ an excessive number of personnel to manage a very limited amount of work. These fixed costs with outsourcing are transformed into variable costs, affecting the company budget less and increasing profits.

Qualified staff and cutting-edge technologies

By entrusting customer service to an external company, you can be sure of contacting a partner with a qualified and professional team and all the necessary equipment to support customers across each channel. 

You do not have to make investments for the training of internal staff. Rather, you get to rely on competent professionals who raise the quality and competitiveness of the service and guarantee you an important advantage over your competitors.

In fact, in your market you can earn several points in the eyes of consumers, who see you as a technologically advanced and reliable brand.

Focus on the core business of your business

Customer assistance, while being an important service for your business, certainly cannot be considered its core business. What happens when you rely on an external company? You recover precious time that you can devote to doing what you do best.

Your staff is freed up from tasks that are peripheral and can instead focus on the company's strategic functions and capitalize on those skills and competences acquired over time. The productivity of your company benefits as a result, where processes are more fluid and streamlined.

A greater flow of customer data from which to extrapolate valuable information

You may think that outsourcing customer service makes you lose sight of your contacts, particularly the information on your customers. In reality, it is the exact opposite.

We at We Are Fiber keep track of all customer data, so as to collect and extrapolate useful information, such as purchasing behavior, preferences, questions and most frequent requests. With this data, you can customize your offer to meet the needs of your target audience. The companies that have relied on us have seen an increase in sales of 30%, the result of a personalized offer tailored to the requests of their customers.

Now you know why companies outsource customer service. Do you think it's time to take this leap in quality? We are here for you.

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