Virtual secretary: because every company should have one

The virtual secretary is a service increasingly requested by companies, but also by freelancers. Of course, you cannot be contactable 24 hours a day, with the risk of missing important phone calls or emails. Perhaps, at certain times of the year, you have to go out of town for business appointments or for personal reasons, without being able to provide minimal support to your customers.

It is in this context that the online virtual secretary comes into play, an application that answers on your behalf when you are in a meeting or on the phone. Virtual secretary software replaces you when you are busy, giving each client the importance they deserve.

In this way, you can improve customer satisfaction in your company, adopting specific solutions to be at your customers' sides at all times and provide them with an adequate level of support.

What is the virtual secretary?

Virtual secretary

The virtual secretary is an active service every day of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In practice, you have a secretary available whenever you are busy or you cannot guarantee your availability.

What does the virtual secretary do? Everything a real secretary would do, such as:

  • answer phone calls;
  • reply to messages on social pages and messaging apps;
  • reply automatically with pre-set messages to normal or certified emails;
  • organize the company according to free timetables;
  • fill in forms for the tax authorities or the public administration.

In addition to the traditional virtual secretary program, we at We Are Fiber combine other extremely useful services that make the most of new technologies. Chatbots, for example, are able to interact with users and hold a conversation, as if they were human beings, guiding people to solve a problem.

For whom is the virtual secretary useful?

There are several professionals and companies that use this service. For example, the virtual secretary is widespread in medical offices. Very often doctors are forced, for various reasons, to move their patients' appointments. This task is entrusted to the virtual assistant, who frees the doctor from work that is not within his or her sphere of competence.

Even for a lawyer, the virtual secretary has become invaluable, and, in general, for all professionals who need to send urgent communications to their clients or make appointments. Between races to court and timetables to be respected, lawyers do not always have the time to carry out these operations, which are entrusted to an online assistant.

In addition, the online virtual secretary is useful for real estate agents, who have to communicate new sales or purchase opportunities to their customers, or for condominium administrators who need to send urgent communications.

The virtual secretarial service is also essential for companies, especially those smaller businesses that do not have a great deal of staff or who simply want to cut unnecessary costs.

The advantages and benefits of applying a virtual secretary

The use of a virtual secretary optimizes the time available, as it independently manages the business or company when you or your staff cannot do it personally. The advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • relief from bureaucracy;
  • possibility to focus on the company's “core business”;
  • no risk of missing important phone calls or emails;
  • continuous customer support;
  • better agenda management;
  • possibility of always being informed about what is happening in the company;
  • 24 hour availability.

How does the virtual secretary work?

To choose the best virtual secretary, We Are Fiber provides you with an extremely flexible program that adapts to your times and needs. Our up-to-date and professional staff will help you set up your voicemail, defining how to manage phone calls and appointments, what message to pre-record to answer calls and emails, who to send messages to, etc.

You can always stay in touch with your virtual assistant, via email or a dedicated app. At any time, you can alter the settings based on changing personal or company needs. According to your preferences, you can make use of an automated process which acts as a dedicated resource, where a punctual and even multilingual service is put at your disposal.

The costs of a virtual secretary

How much does a virtual secretary cost? It naturally depends on the type of services you intend to request. One thing is certain: with our system you can cut fixed costs, thanks to the payment method that provides for remuneration based on the time worked. For example, if you have a tourist business that works exclusively in winter, or in summer, you can request the service for the duration of the time necessary, achieving significant savings that translate into profit.

Would you like to know more?

Contact We Are Fiber to overcome all limits and enter a world of opportunities.

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