The three macro-areas to be developed to make your e-commerce business take off

Much of the market has moved from offline to online, where the flow of purchases has increased, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Having efficient and structured e-commerce in place is therefore the first step for a winning company.

Various technologies have appeared on the market that allow for the optimization of e-commerce features that facilitate the work of operators and fully satisfy the needs of consumers.

If you want to know which technologies are most suitable for your company, you can contact us at We Are Fiber. We have been operating in this sector for several years and have implemented cutting-edge solutions capable of automating and speeding up processes, guaranteeing maximum productivity and a significant reduction in waiting times, which translates into crucial economic savings.

The cornerstones for a fully functional e-commerce site, capable of responding to the increasingly demanding requests of customers are: Help Desk, Social Instant Messaging and Data Entry.

A Reliable Help Desk to Resolve Problems Quickly


To support customer inquiries adequately, you need a reliable and efficient Help Desk to identify and resolve problems. This way, you can provide constant support to your customers, both before and after the sale.

The Help Desk is divided into first level and second level. In the first level, an operator responds to a customer's support request and solves the problem. If the operator cannot do so, he or she passes the issue on to a team of specialists. In the second level, the specialist solves the problem or guides the user to the most suitable procedure.

The advantages are obvious, as you reduce time and costs, with less investment to acquire technological and process know-how. You can reduce the huge flow of phone calls or support requests via the web, solving the problem in a short period of time and without waiting for the user.

Your employees can thus concentrate on their core activities, without wasting time on tasks for which they do not have sufficient skills. Your staff will feel valued and will be able to operate with peace of mind, making the most of their primary skills and competences.


Social Instant Messaging: The Chatbot Revolution

At the turn of the 90s and the beginning of the new century, the main channel of real-time assistance was the telephone. Today, communication channels have multiplied and it is possible to interact with your users through instant messaging services with social networks, apps, emails, site chats and SMS. In this way, you are always there for your customers, who can communicate with your company using the method they prefer. Of course, you have to structure your assistance service through Social Instant Messaging according to the habits of your users. Millennials and Generation Z, for example, prefer Whatsapp or Instagram, while the over 30s are more oriented to conversing via Facebook or email.

However, there is a tool that everyone agrees on: chatbots. This is software capable of holding a conversation on the web, as if it were a human being. Through machine learning, the chatbot is able to learn new notions and information automatically, which it uses for future chats. Being robots, they are active 24 hours, providing continuous assistance. Chatbots are trained to answer the most frequently asked questions in a standard manner but, based on the customer's instructions, they can also customize the answers and thus provide useful information.

Data Entry: How to Channel the Enormous Flow of Data

Every day, companies collect a huge flow of data, which is difficult to manage. However, the data contains extremely valuable information, which should be extrapolated as quickly as possible. This is achievable as a result of Data Entry services that simplify access to non-digitized information, proceeding with the digitization and transcription of data. This reduces the percentage of errors and, because of the principle of scalability, it is possible to address changes in volume if requirements shift.

With regard to e-commerce, Data Entry services update the products in the shop, the price list, offers, promotions and shipments in real time, providing the customer with an efficient and orderly online showcase. It also improves the performance of the website, which is much smoother and simpler to navigate, thus starting the important customer loyalty process.

Finally, thanks to the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service, customer data and contacts are acquired, as well as updates of personal data changes, so as to better target customers and provide “ad hoc” proposals according to every need.

If you want to see your company take off and make the definitive leap in quality, we at We Are Fiber are ready to put our experience at your service.

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