Smart working: tools and solutions for working from home

Coronavirus has resulted in companies turning to smart working, that is, working from home in order to ensure the maintenance of business productivity. With lockdown coming to an end, many companies continued to pursue smart working, both to reduce the risk of contagion among employees and to limit costs.

We at We Are Fiber did not lose even a day of work during the period of the total lockdown. In fact, we organized ourselves accordingly, having an emergency plan in place, so as to take advantage of smart working. As a result, our partner companies have always been operational and customer support has been uninterrupted. We are prepared to face any emergency and this ability has allowed us to further strengthen relationships with our customers.

Since smart working has become a form of work consolidated across different sectors, it is critical to understand the necessary tools and best solutions for working from home. If you are thinking of starting a smart working business, get in touch with us at We Are Fiber.

We are here to find the solution that suits your needs.

Smart working: how to organize the office from home

 smart working has become the working method of the future

Firstly, it is essential to identify a space dedicated to work. It doesn't have to be large, even a small studio or basement could be enough. The important thing is that the chosen place is located in an area away from disturbing noises, where these cannot filter into the space.

Considering the current circumstances, smart working in Europe is very widespread and therefore it is often the case that more than one person is working from home within a given home. Under these conditions, it is advisable to select a "neutral" area and one not dedicated to work, recognized by all as a space for relaxation.

As for the tools of smart working, a desk, a computer and possibly shelves and folders are sufficient for those items necessary for work, including documents, diaries, notes, etc. You have to redesign the spaces intelligently, according to your needs, without having to move about constantly.

Comfort is critical in the work area, being essential to work effectively, so ensure that the space is well ventilated and that the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot. Make use of natural light as much as possible, a condition that permits significant energy savings and allows for less visual fatigue. Several studies have shown that in a bright environment, students and workers are far more productive and can maintain a high level of concentration for longer periods of time. In some hours of the day, it is certainly necessary to rely on artificial light, which must preferably be cold or neutral in color, avoiding bothersome reflections on one’s screen.

Finally, don't forget to furnish your smart working area with a little greenery, both because it makes the work environment more pleasant and because it purifies the air. Plants have a positive effect on the mood and help people relax, which is ideal for a working environment.

Smart working stations: the necessary tools

In addition to the aforementioned computers and smart working desks, a functioning internet connection is of the utmost importance. Almost all homes can now enjoy an efficient and reliable connection. If this is not the case, it is possible to use a mobile phone connection, taking advantage of the most convenient rate according to your needs.

For some categories of smart working people, a webcam is useful, or, indeed, essential. In fact, in large and medium-sized companies, video conferencing meetings are common and so it is crucial to have a fully functional webcam and microphone.

It is also necessary to take advantage of those tools that allow for the sharing of files and folders in shared documents in real time, avoiding the trickle of sending emails, which can be a long and complex operation, especially if the documents, files and photos to be sent are numerous.

The advantages of smart working

Initially, the spread of smart working was rather slow and a matter of company mentality. In fact, many companies were dubious regarding giving employees a certain degree of freedom, believing that keeping them under control in the office was safer. In reality, the statistical data has overturned this point of view, so much so that in many companies that have adopted smart working, there has even been an increase in productivity.

Workers feel less controlled and enjoy greater freedom, therefore allowing for more effective work without excessive tension. In a sense, they are more empowered, so they tend to give more. Many employees have expressed that they work longer hours, albeit with longer breaks. The optimization and management of working times based on individual needs represents one of the great advantages of smart working.

We at We Are Fiber long ago realized the importance and benefits of smart working and have adapted accordingly to better face every situation, such as the Covid-19 emergency. Do you want to find out about the tools and services that we can make available to your company?

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