The Business Continuity Plan comes before the emergency

Nobody would have expected the dark period we have experienced. A global pandemic

It is now clear to everyone that in today's world, "anything is possible" and the implementation of a continuity plan is undoubtedly a winning choice. 


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During Covid-19, the companies that had planned a Business Continuity Plan managed to stay afloat and continue their work despite the terrible global emergency. 


But what exactly is meant by Business Continuity?

Minimize the possibility of a business process terminating. This is the main objective of the Business Continuity Plan. 


Is it fundamental for a company? 

Many entrepreneurs tend to focus their efforts on activities that generate immediate ROI, leaving out many more transversal aspects, which will be fundamental for the survival of the business.  


A concrete example:

For an activity that is based on an IT system, ensuring its efficiency becomes a vital aspect. 

If you are experiencing difficulties and still don't know how to face the future, you should ask yourself some questions. 


Would you be ready to face another emergency?

Is your company structured to prevent such a situation? 


Ensuring an adequate level of business continuity, in a highly competitive market, becomes a quality that a company cannot exclude. 


Business Continuity Plan: prevention is always important

Before implementing emergency measures to manage a crisis, companies should ask themselves how to prevent the crisis from happening or what preventive measures they can apply.

This is where Business Continuity plays a critical role.

Business Continuity Plan


A frequent mistake is to underestimate the risks and probabilities that a "disaster" will occur. Following the past few months, we cannot stress enough that this approach is foolish, and an investment in prevention is strategic and smart. 


How we approached the emergency at We Are Fiber

The team at We Are Fiber was able to respond with sensibly to the difficulties that resulted from the Covid-19 emergency. 


The lockdown did not halt us; indeed, we have continued with determination and dedication, continuing our growth despite the crisis!


From the 11th of March, the whole team has been smart working thanks to the implementation of an Emergency Plan, which allowed us to provide all services without reducing the workforce. In just 48 hours, we managed to achieve 97.3% remote operation with 470 resources in smart working. 

Our team has shown that it is ready to react to a variety of circumstances. The Business Continuity Plan activated 24 hours after the lockdown and provided for an IT assessment, Remote Monitoring Strategy, Remote Training, and Remote Recruiting. 


But not only that, we were able to go even further! We are the only company in the Albanian sector that managed to continue its growth plan with an increase in turnover and an increase in the workforce, with 85 new people joining our team. 


Did you know that someone can manage Business Continuity for you? 

We Are Fiber is your outsourcing partner and can provide a backup plan in case of an emergency or disaster. The backup plan includes restoring secure data, secondary internet lines, and many other options. 


Work does not need to stop in the case of unforeseen emergencies


Having a strategic vision that guarantees the continuity of your business is essential. However, this vision must be accompanied by concrete measures capable of preparing the company for any eventuality, neutralizing threats to its survival.


Find out how to immediately secure critical data and systems for your company: choose a backup profession, such as that offered by We Are Fiber. 


Our partnership with retail, food and beverage, E-commerce, and technology companies for which we provide data entry services has helped us obtain a broad knowledge of data entry project management. We have set up a team for two-tiered Quality Assurance to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our quality standards. 


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