Breakthrough during the pandemic: How our partnership with Bloom&Wild led to mutual growth

How an efficient Customer Service has achieved excellent results even in a period of severe crisis!


The Covid-19 pandemic has shocked all of us, causing difficulties both in personal life and economically. For as much as we have seen, life has never been more difficult and unpredictable for the world of business. Most companies have faced closures and difficulties in managing their work. In front of an uncertain future, many have let themselves be discouraged by failing to guarantee services and thus losing many "old" customers and closing the doors to possible new entries. 


But there is always a way. When scientists stumbled upon the deepest part of the ocean (Challenger Deep 35,856 ft- Mariana Trench), they never expected to find any sort of living creatures that could endure the harshest and the most extreme conditions. However, the story was completely different. To their surprise, forms of life had adapted and continued to live in a place where the pressure reaches over 15,000 pounds per square inch. That is the equivalent of holding the weight of 1800 elephants on all sides.

There is a great lesson to be learned.

Just like those creatures living at the bottom of the ocean, the world of business is facing unknown and harsh conditions. We all know that pressure can either make you or break you. This is what Bloom & Wild, most-loved online florist, has done. The company was founded in 2013 and is characterized by the quality of the products and originality, not by chance is the creator of the "letterbox flowers" (flowers in the mailbox).

Just like any other business, they faced many challenges because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, since the early days of the pandemic, Bloom & Wild has never slowed down its business, continuing to supply its products with the same standard as ever. What they have achieved was the result of an intense work that led to modify some processes in a sudden and organized way. The British company has focused heavily on the user experience, personalizing each process and making each purchase unique. We Are Fiber have played an important role in this success, standing by the side of the company, guaranteeing prompt and efficient customer service.

Our collaboration with the British brand was born in February, providing them with a dedicated team trained according to their needs.

Thanks to our approach, we were able to immediately obtain good results found during two important holidays for the Bloom & Wild market: Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. We Are Fiber has always had a flexible and customizable approach based on customer needs, an aspect that emerged clearly during the emergency period.

With the arrival of the lockdown, our Business Continuity Plan has allowed a rapid reorganization of services, ensuring the continuity of the work activity of our resources and not blocking customer assistance even for a moment

The results achieved with Bloom & Wild!


Shown below are some of the results what we have achieved in the past four months (from February to May), for the Bloom & Wild  in the UK Market:

  • Inbound Calls handled → over 8k
  • Outbound calls → over 1k
  • Ticket handled → over 40k
  • Handle time → Under 7 minutes
  • Customer Satisfaction→ 98%

This was only made possible by a close collaboration. Together we  broke large tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Having quality customer care is very important especially in this period, in fact, given the closure of many physical stores, alongside the usual traffic, there are new visitors and / or possible customers looking for products on the web. For this reason, it is of fundamental importance today to have a good Customer Care that supports users through help with the purchase and selection of the product that best suits their needs.

We Are Fiber is the ideal partner to personalize your customer service and build valuable relationships. Through Customer Service we take care of your relationships, providing multilingual pre and post-sales assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ... practically always.

Customer Service nell'ecommerce



To make it even better, we are Zendesk partners, an omnichannel platform that simplifies and increases Customer Satisfaction by collecting all inquiries into a single source. If you are looking for English, French, Italian, German and French-speaking agents, 24/7 service and flexibility, you have found your match.


Your customers are important, don't leave them unanswered!


Contact us, we will seek together the best solution for your business.


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