Data Entry Case Study: Food & Beverage Industry

This data entry case study aims to show our working culture and problem-solving attitude for data entry services.

Quality will always be more important than quantity in our mission to help companies simplify their working processes and generate healthy and productive relationships. Therefore, we would like to demonstrate a concrete example of the journey we have undertaken with one of our clients without revealing its identity here and after referred to as 'The client'.




The client we are talking about is a big company operating in the Food&Beverage Sector. It is an online platform for food delivery. This way, different restaurants register their menus and use it as an intermediary channel between them and their customers. The client needed a partner to make the insertion of all the menus of the restaurants they collaborate with, in their systems. Thus, considering the reliability we offer decided to outsource the service to us. The food&beverage industry is having a substantial growth in our days leading to high volumes of requests to deal with. Therefore, companies choose to outsource customer service to specialized companies and focus on their core business.


Data Entry Service


As per above, We Are Fiber provides to the client data entry services regarding the insertion of the menus of the restaurants. It exists a certain level of difficulty depending on the type, length and structure of the menus. In this case, the types of menus are categorized based on the relationship between the client and the restaurants. That being said, the restaurant can be new in the system, requires the creation of new menus except those that are already available or requires to update the existing ones. The complexity of the menus defines also the profile of the operators to execute the task. Thus, a long and complicated menu is assigned to an experienced and fast working employee.

On the other hand, the most important issues to consider in these kinds of services are :

  • Time efficiency
  • Quality of the menus inserted
  • Reporting

We Are Fiber's Solution


The way how we manage to always be time efficient is a result of a close collaboration with the client and a hard-working team in our company specialized in automation and process simplification. For instance, we have implemented Optical Character Recognition technology that ensures the conversion of image, handwritten or printed text into machine text. It may seem that this technology will substitute the work done by operators, but this is not completely true. When talking about machines, we need the human force to make it work and learn how to perform, giving the initial input. Therefore, the accuracy may not be what expected and quality control is still needed to avoid problems that may arise.


On the other hand, we have developed and implemented a tool to track the work done by the operators. For instance, the tool shows when a new menu is received and how much time is left to be inserted in the system. The client has defined since the beginning some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We should respect them for the maintenance of the service. Hence, this monitoring system has been a great help in time management and productivity.


In addition, data entry service for this client is always monitored by our dedicated team of Quality Assurance. This team is located in Italy while the operation part is developed in Tirana, Albania. The quality check is structured upon the client needs and has been very effective.  Furthermore, detailed reports derived from the performance of the operators, based on the specified KPIs are presented on weekly and monthly calls to the client and necessary decisions are taken to make progress.


Onboarding Process


The onboarding process is usually difficult considering the differences between companies and the idea of 'change'. But with the client, it has been very smooth and enjoyable. A dedicated training team composed of We Are Fiber's and the client's staff, took care of every little detail to properly transmit the procedures to the operators. The problematic part was adapting to the Client's system having no previous experience with it. However, our team did the necessary tests and was fast at understanding how it works while also on teaching the processes to the required personnel.


Furthermore, our collaboration started 4 years ago and since then, there has been tremendous growth going on for all parties involved. Thus, is the perfect case to understand the whole customer journey and customer experience carefully developed.  We started the data entry service with only 4 operators and 1 Floor Manager, while now there are 17 operators, 2 Team Leaders and 1 Floor Manager. That being said, we have expanded our team as a result of the volumes received. 


The following statistics show an increase in the volume of work received by the client in the late years:


Shell Creations(new menus from new restaurants in the system)

  1. February 2016 - February 2019 we have an increase of 209.48%
  2. March 2016 - March 2019 an increase of 244.32%.


New Menus

  1. February 2016 -2019 there has been an increase of 136.09%
  2. March 2016-2019 an increase of 86.53%


Menus Updated

  1. February 2016-2019 an increase of 688.27%
  2. March 2016-2019 an increase of 716.36%

Life @ We Are Fiber


We have developed a sustainable and friendly working ethic adapted to the one that the client has. Keeping track of the productivity and wellbeing of the operators are the main concerns and important issues to account for. We consider every operator as an individual and as part of a group. Thus we value autonomy as much as the participation to make the working environment social and helpful. Therefore, our corporate culture is very important to the progress we want to have as a company. So, we make sure that this is well known by our personnel. In addition, we always collaborate with our clients to make sure the desired outcome from all parties is achieved.

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