How to organize Social Customer Care: the rules to avoid mistakes

How to organize social customer care without making mistakes

Customer care faces a new dilemma today: how to go about organizing social customer care. Any company, regardless of the product sold, cannot fail to be present on social networks. 

New technologies, immediate contacts and responses in real time have changed the attitudes of customers. 

Do you think that your customer is willing to wait more than 10 minutes on the phone to get information?

The answer is no! 

Not only will clients think that you have little time to take care of them, but they will almost certainly abandon you. This demonstrates how important it is to enhance your customer care, in order to increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty. 

Most companies are far behind in terms of customer service management and struggle to adapt to the times. A sporadic presence on social networks is no longer sufficient in this era of strong growth of virtual networks.

We must always be present and with an adequate strategy! 

We Are Fiber has been dealing with customer care on behalf of large companies for over 10 years, guaranteeing 99% customer satisfaction. In this article, we will reveal some of the strategies that have led us to achieve these goals. 

What does Social Customer Care do?

How to organize social customer care

If you require a product or a service and need more information about it or an indication of where to buy it, what do you do?

You will most likely search on your smartphone or computer in order to find out where the nearest store selling the product is located or ascertain where to buy it online.  

Today, the first contact with customers takes place in a virtual manner and the most frequently used tool is social networks. 

Social customer care is an evolution of the traditional customer service through social channels, providing rapid responses and allowing customers to get in touch with the brand. If before we relied on telephone customer care and patiently waited for an answer, now customers want to find everything online or on company web pages.  

The presence of a company on social media helps to create a direct relationship with its customers, who can learn more about the brand and interact by asking questions about the products or how to purchase.  

For this reason, a mere presence on social networks is not enough. On the contrary, being on such networks and not responding to customers will be counterproductive. A Facebook or Instagram page becomes your customer care, where you can meet the needs of consumers. 

Being present on social networks is no longer enough:you have to use these to their fullest potential to ensure happy and satisfied customers.

But how can you do this? Read on to find out the rules to follow to provide great customer service through social networks.

Examples of a Social Customer Care that Works

Whether you have a small number of fans or you can boast millions of followers, managing social customer care is a necessity. 

The ways to organize a social customer care service are different and depend on the activity of the company. Social customer care strategies must therefore be studied and customized according to your needs and your target audience.

There are, however, tools and practices that are generally agreed upon, including: 

  • Managing assistance tickets: taking charge of problems and resolutions;
  • Using live chats and chatbots: apps installed on social pages, which can provide answers 24 hours a day and in real time;
  • Direct messages (DM social): direct messaging with users. 

Based on your needs, you can build the most suitable strategy!

The rules for managing customer care

In order to better organize social customer care, you must adopt a specific and targeted strategy based on your customers.

We at We Are Fiber provide a highly customizable and tailor-made service. There are, however, best practices that cannot be missed to ensure customer service management via social media that really works. 

Here are the primary best practices: 

  • Be where customers are looking for you: before you jump into social customer care, you need to understand which social channels your target customer uses the most. 
  • Always listen to what your customers are saying: your strategy must start with what your customers actually want; 
  • Reply as quickly as possible: users expect an immediate response and so, in order to make a difference, you must be able to provide this; 
  • Keep track of conversations: having reports and numbers available is essential to improve the service. 

Are you looking for the right strategy to make your company “social”, where you don’t waste time on do-it-yourself solutions? Your customers deserve effective care and responses. 

We Are Fiber handles your social media presence by combining our expert human strength with the latest technologies. This way, we can provide quality outsourcing solutions for your business.

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