Telemarketing campaigns: a current strategy now more than ever

Telemarketing campaigns

When we speak of telemarketing campaigns, we immediately think of the classic phone call that comes from a company selling a particular good or service. In reality, telemarketing is much more and, if used in the right manner and in an appropriate context, it can provide great satisfaction.

You’re probably thinking, “But does the commercial phone call still work?” If we take the cold call as a reference, the answer is certainly no. The cold call is nothing more than a call to a person who has never shown interest either in the company or in the product.

The situation changes completely if we refer to a so-called warm call, that is a ‘hot call’ addressed to a user who has shown interest or has even already purchased a good or a service.

Telemarketing is one of our outbound call center services and we are often required not only to sell, but also to conduct market research, collect lead generation and contacts, conduct online surveys, etc. We are able to replicate the required activities with our focused training department, transferring your corporate culture to consumers. The partners who turned to us increased their customer satisfaction rate by 24%, indicating important numbers that testify to the credibility and effectiveness of our work.

Types of telemarketing campaigns

Telemarketing campaigns

Telemarketing activities within the call center can take two forms:

  • outbound telemarketing: the operator uses a list of phone numbers provided by the company to contact customers for promotions, sponsorship, data collection, surveys, etc.;
  • inbound telemarketing: customers contact call centers to gather relevant information that can provide a clear and comprehensive answer to their questions.

What is the script?

As part of the telemarketing activity, operators have a series of fundamental tools at their disposal. One of these is the script, that is the text of the phone call with appropriate guidelines that the operator must follow.

The script usually involves the following steps:

  • brief presentation of the company or commercial initiative;
  • a quick interview that may include open or closed questions;
  • phase of motivation, during which the operator, according to the answers collected, must draw up a sort of identikit of the customer to understand any real interest in the marketing campaign;
  • final phase that should end with the achievement of the set objective, such as the sale of a product or simply the release of the customer’s email address to receive commercial information, discounts, promotions, etc.;
  • theoretically, there would be an additional final phase called accountability, in which the operator has the task of positively reinforcing the agreement just reached.

Scripts in telemarketing campaigns: what is the “Trust” model?

A high quality phone script can really make a difference, so it’s worth pausing for a moment.

When operators call customers, they must first sell themselves, even before a product or service. What does this mean? An operator must win customer trust by being empathetic and attentive to problems. You can have the best product in the world, but if customers don’t trust you, you’ll never be able to sell it to them.

To reach the predetermined goal, it is possible to use the so-called Trust model, which includes 7 steps:

  • focus the script of the phone call without using useless and distracting words;
  • start off on the right foot;
  • immediately state the reason for the call and introduce yourself;
  • use objections as an opportunity to make an appointment;
  • convince the potential customer of the strength of the offer by highlighting all the advantages;
  • induce the customer always to answer ‘yes’ with well-studied questions;
  • archive the call with the next step in mind.

What happens if you put together each step just described? Confidence! This is the scheme that we at We Are Fiber have always followed and which has allowed us to retain numerous customers. In a recent article, we dealt with the efficient management of outbound call centers, providing customized solutions for every need.

How to best use telemarketing campaigns

Initially, we touched on cold and warm calls. It is worth returning to this topic to underline the importance of so-called ‘hot phone calls’.

Telephone marketing makes sense if it is inserted in a targeted strategy, such as inbound marketing. In this case, you are contacting a customer who has already been profiled, who has shown interest in your company and whose information you already have.

You can thus create contact lists of customers interested in your proposal and who may already possess a degree of loyalty, so they are more likely to enjoy receiving proposals or promotions.

Telemarketing and inbound marketing, when used together, become an explosive mix capable of capturing and conquering an ever wider audience. We help you generate new leads, promote your services and products and expand your market.

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