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Chat in real time

Many of us have, at least once, had the opportunity to speak with a company through a chat. Using Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype or other platforms, you may well have thought you were talking to a real person, but in reality you have communicated your problems and your requests to a bot. 

Have you noticed?

Presumably, 50% of you thought you were talking to an operator. The modern live chat, in fact, is equipped with intelligent technology that allows it to respond adequately to frequently asked questions. In addition, thanks to an automatic learning system, the bot is able to learn independently. 

Chat: responses to customers in real time

Chat in real time

For many companies, chats that respond in real time have become essential, especially in the case of sectors where it is necessary to build a direct relationship with customers. Problem solving in real time is a critical factor for improving the customer experience and the reliability of the company. 

The user who contacts the chat assistance cannot wait, which is why it is essential to have a sufficient number of resources to fulfill user requests and, if possible, to guarantee a 24-hour service. 

Cost reduction and increased revenue 

Live chat technology is also more convenient than telephone and email support. There is no need to pay for every call, pay for VoIP or for email accounts. 

Another reason why live chat helps reduce costs is that it allows operators to do multiple tasks at once. For this reason, companies can employ fewer staff than they normally would.

Many companies that need high-performance conversational bots rely on external vendors, who can build solutions with greater expertise and lower costs.

We Are Fiber specializes in customer care management with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Our services are flexible and tailored to the needs of the customer, for any sector, both in Italy and abroad.

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