Is it Worth Opening a Call Center?

Opening a Call Center

Opening and managing a call center is a rather complex activity, yet this can also produce ample opportunities. Obviously, opening a call center implies a considerable economic investment, combined with the ability to manage the various technical, organizational and bureaucratic aspects, in compliance with legislative regulations. 

So, is it worth opening a call center?

In this article we will try to provide you with an answer.

Aspects to consider when opening a call center

Opening a Call Center

Firstly, much depends on the sector for which a support call center is needed. For example, the likes of promotional activities, the sale of products to individuals or companies, the activation of contracts for the supply of electricity and gas or telephone, and internet and pay TV services, constitute only part of the work that this type of structure can handle. 

A call center can, for instance, manage customer service or a remote switchboard, carry out a technical help desk service, or release tourist or social information, to mention but a few of the activities that can be implemented. 

Today, with the widespread use of digital tools, often alongside traditional telephone assistance services, the use of dedicated chats and messages in real time is added, with the possibility of offering immediate, rapid and direct support. 

Opening a call center also requires physical space and the necessary tools for the operators to work. Last, but certainly not least, highly qualified personnel is a necessity. 

The obstacles to opening a call center

To open a call center, depending on the size of the business, the number of employees, and the services you want to offer, you will require a variety of elements with very variable costs.

If you wish to open a small call center from home, with minimal staff, or even without employees, a fairly low investment will be sufficient. To open a large call center, on the other hand, with the setting up of a real office, the hiring of qualified personnel, and the creation of a real service business, a budget of 50,000 euros or more may be necessary.

All solutions require the preparation of workstations. In addition to an internet connection and a good telephone subscription, it will be necessary to purchase telephones, computers, and headphones. 

Furthermore, when opting for the opening of an office dedicated to a call center, workstations must be separate for each operator, allowing greater acoustic insulation, as well as a set up according to the most recent regulations. 

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of software. The market offers specific software for call centers, capable of managing and organizing, as well as monitoring telephone calls and the work of operators. These are generally customizable, based on the number of operators, workstations and the type of service offered, and can be subsequently expanded in the event of an increase in telephone calls.

Outsourcing a call center: a solution suitable for everyone

In the face of high costs and management difficulties, a fundamental way around such challenges today comes in the form of outsourcing. Outsourcing services bring many advantages, especially in the call center and contact center sector. 

Entrusting a call center to outsourcing means being able to count on greater flexibility and lower labor costs, as well as reduced costs in recruiting and training personnel, zero technological investments, and an increased focus on the company’s core business.

Greater flexibility means that the company does not have to bear the cost of labor connected with the contracting of resources dedicated to customer relations, with a reduction in the relative expense. It also means not having to face the commitment to choose first and train after in terms of contact center operators. It implies being able to count on the professionalism guaranteed by specialized companies in the sector. 

Such companies can ensure, in addition to the presence of qualified employees, the availability of ad hoc technologies that, otherwise, would have to be purchased. 

Finally, outsourcing responds to the lean organization theory, based on the assumption that it is necessary to focus on the typical activities of the core business and delegate non-core activities to others outside the company, so as to focus on what is needed for improvement. of the products or services.


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