How to empower your customer service team

customer service team

Retaining old customers and winning new ones are the main objectives of all companies, but they are not enough. The markets today are increasingly saturated and competitive, so you need to keep your customer service standards high, in order for consumers to have a rewarding and satisfying shopping experience.

Because the offer on the market is so wide and varied, it is crucial to connect with your users and differentiate yourself from your competitors with an impeccable customer care service capable of intercepting the needs of consumers. You need to understand how to empower your customer service team by providing them with innovative tools that can harness the full potential of modern technology.

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What is a customer service standard? 

customer service

Customer service standards refer to the interactions between a business and customers. Empathy, prompt responses, effective resolution of the problem and professionalism are some of the key factors for building a long and lasting relationship in this regard.

Many companies stick to minimal customer support standards, meaning they offer the consumer the bare minimum to avoid complaints. However, this is not the right approach, as according to some studies, 66% of consumers are ready to abandon a brand if they feel treated as a simple number, rather than as a person.

The importance of omnichannel

With the advent of the internet, everything has changed. Until about ten years ago, shops or shopping centers were the only places to buy and sell. Today, however, the sales channels have multiplied: in addition to the physical point of sale, consumers can make purchases from home, on the street, or in the office, from PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and even wearable devices.

The customer journey is therefore not linear, but varies from person to person. This is a great opportunity for companies to train their support team to be ready to answer consumer questions across all available channels.

The various customer service teams must be interconnected and communicate with each other. Perhaps, for instance, a customer sends a message for assistance one day, and the next day, the person sends an email. The employees of the two departments must communicate with each other to understand if the two requests are connected or separate, so as to offer quick and immediate support with strong internal synergy.

Artificial intelligence to reduce waiting times

One of the parameters evaluated by customers to test the reliability and solidity of a company is the response time. Modern users are impatient, demanding quick and direct answers. In this regard, artificial intelligence plays a primary role, providing fundamental support to the assistance team.

Smart technologies, like CRM-connected chatbots, can do the toughest and most routine jobs, so freeing your team from tedious and repetitive tasks. Chatbots are perfectly capable of handling the most frequently asked questions, providing adequate and rapid answers to customers and, at the same time, giving operators the possibility to focus on more complex problems.

Machine learning tools, with their innovative learning processes, are able to prioritize and sort requests. The more complex ones are entrusted to qualified personnel, who have the right skills to solve critical issues quickly.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) enables your company to update the customer database consistently and accurately. This way, you can gather valuable data to identify strengths, weaknesses, and problems that occur frequently. You have the opportunity to do a complete check-up of your company, so as to intervene in a targeted manner and solve the criticalities that occur more frequently. You must therefore ensure that your team has continuous training and the right tools to increase productivity and improve services.

Support customers with self-service

It is estimated that 81% of customers try self-service, or solving problems in total autonomy, before contacting the company. This happens because, as previously mentioned, the customer always looks for the fastest way to solve a problem. You must therefore provide the customer with the right tools to receive adequate answers to his or her questions, so avoiding clogging up the customer service centers.

Portals, social networks, public information centers and FAQs are some of the examples that allow customers to find answers on their own, while employees can dedicate themselves more fully to managing complicated problems.

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