How to assist retail customers and increase loyalty

retail customers

Retaining customers simply has to be one of your business’s main objectives and to do so, you need to create personalized experiences tailored to their needs. Likely, your target is retail customers, who represent the majority of consumers.

Who are retail customers? They are retail clients who, unlike professional clients, have less knowledge regarding investments and therefore require maximum protection.

When it comes to customer loyalty, the probability of selling to a loyal customer is between 60% to 70%, a number that drops drastically to between 5% and 20% in the case of a new customer. In addition, a 10% increase in customer loyalty results in a 30% increase in brand value. Attracting new customers is certainly important, but these numbers reiterate that loyalty should, in fact, be a priority.

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The perfect integration between offline and online

retail customer service

Some companies focus entirely on digital, so leaving out important aspects in the process, such as human relationships. Others, on the contrary, remain anchored to an out-dated version of selling and invest little to nothing in digitization. The best solution is to integrate offline and online, without losing sight of human relationships and making the most of the available technologies. Live chat is the perfect example, where customers can talk to a human operator via digital channels, in order to solve the problem at hand.

While it is critical to understand the significance of retail customers, it is also important to appreciate how their habits have changed. Millennials, the first digital native generation, have disrupted traditional sales techniques radically. They make purchasing decisions quickly, value the user experience more than the product, and want a quick and immediate response to their questions.

A valid customer care service, modeled on the needs of users, builds customer loyalty by quickly resolving their doubts. We at We Are Fiber operate across multiple channels, offering a support service that includes chatbots, telephone, live chats, etc.

The 3 fundamental steps for retail customers: knowing, converting and understanding

Customer loyalty is neither an automatic nor a simple operation, but requires painstaking work to be carried out by way of a structured method and, at all times, requires the utmost professionalism.

The first fundamental step in the process is to know the customers, starting from the demographics to the purchasing habits. We Are Fiber is able to take care of this for you, by collecting all the demographic and psychographic data of your users, giving you the opportunity to analyze and process this, before drawing up the necessary strategies.

At this point, it becomes essential to convert the visitor into a regular customer, providing him/her with the products and services required. In addition, you need to come to an understanding of what emotions drive customers to purchase, according to their entrenched habits and behavior. Here lies the key to company success.

Loyalty techniques 

Let’s deepen the discussion and analyze how to retain retail customers. Loyalty cards, discounts and promotions for the most loyal customers are trivial, but effective, examples of loyalty programs. The concept of community is also critical in this regard, consolidated, above all, with the advent of social networks. A community can be centered upon brands, websites, social networks or even physical stores. Ultimately, there are two objectives here: to ensure a rewarding customer experience and to generate brand loyalty.

In addition to exclusive discounts and invitations, customers should be invited to provide their comments and reviews on new products launched in the market. Companies, on the basis of the feedback left by consumers, then get to decide which improvements to make or whether to modify the marketing campaign in any way. This is an excellent loyalty technique, as the customer feels as if he/she is an integral part of the company’s production process.

Requesting reviews and feedback from customers is very important, especially when it comes to e-commerce. Consumers today are easily influenced, so if a product has received many positive reviews, they will most likely buy it. If not, they won’t buy it. Furthermore, the comments of your customers allow you to understand the strengths of your business and the weaknesses that need to be overcome.

24h customer support

As previously discussed, modern customers want quick and immediate answers to their questions. For this reason, We Are Fiber provides a 24h customer care service, available on various levels. Live chats are generally preferred by millennials, who can interact with an online operator from any mobile device. For older customers, we also provide telephone support, sorting calls between first and second level for prompt problem resolution. Our support is 360° and we guarantee maximum assistance before and after the sale

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