Data entry for e-commerce: what type do they need?

e-commerce data entry

Data Entry for E-commerce is a term that has found a wide variety of application into many different industries. This is the process of inputting, updating data or information using devices such as a keyboard, scanners, disks or voices, specialized software, etc.

A typical Data Entry job is to put the data into the correct data fields of the database by using human hands and the help of the above-mentioned tools. Many different companies in various industries have to deal daily with the flow of information. Usually, they don’t have the needed time to perform it, so the best solution is too near/offshore it.

But there are many different types of Data Entry, depending on the requirements or tasks the client is seeking. Data Entry for E-commerce has been a much-required service with the development of Social Media. Basically, the online market is getting busier. On this article we will talk about differences, tasks and who is this service best for.

Types of Data Entry

It is one of the most frequent functions that companies decide to outsource to external partners.

Firstly they are divided into two big groups: Offline and Online Data Entry.  The process of inputting information in a selected database format as per the client’s requirements without the use of the internet is offline data entry. Usually, the required skills by the agent are typing, accuracy, and knowledge of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

On the other hand, online Data Entry is independent to a certain degree from the other. Here, the use of the internet is a must. In online data entry, we have tasks such as filling online forms, image processing, distinct submission of content in the website, data indexing, mining and cleansing, e-commerce product data entry, etc.

We can also group them differently based on the tasks required, job difficulty.  As a result, it takes a different effort and approach to be performed. Depending on what the clients want we have Data Cleansing, Data Processing, Data Classification, Data Conversion, click here to learn more about types of Data Entry.

What is Data Entry for E-commerce?

Being online has become a normal part of our lives and its accessibility has given businesses the opportunity to implement their business online. More people are getting involved in exchanging, buying, and selling of products and services on the internet.

Data entry for E-commerce includes the management of huge amounts of data. It is crucial that the product data is highly correct in order to attract customers to buy them. Data entry is an important aspect of any e-commerce business and should be handled with great attention. Speaking about the amounts of data, the processes where Data Entry services come in handy, have grown rapidly.  From Image Data Entry, Image Tagging to Categorisation, Content Description, Data Update or Applying Discounts, it has a lot of room to be applied.


What type of work does E-commerce require?

Image data entry– This is an aspect that works for businesses where images need to be converted or edited. I mean, it is the conversion of scanned images into the required format by the client. Processes which are part of image data entry are image capturing, image storage, image keying, and retrieval, etc. In addition, we have image-tagging. A lot of business use media to introduce themselves online. Images, in order to be found, have to be tagged with specific keywords for the sake of visibility. On the other hand, creating an image as per the requirements is the hardest job, as it requires some additional skills like design, editing software knowledge, etc

Invoice management and data entry-  Agents perform diverse tasks to support a business’s accounting department and billing processes. They focus on working with invoices and credit memos, update customer records, and send out monthly billing statements. Furthermore, they also prepare documents, track expenses, and handle incoming customer calls.

Categorization- It is a process that basically every business is familiar with. Nobody would go to a library doesn’t know at which section is the book you want.  Further, writing product descriptions that effectively sell your product to consumers is incredibly challenging and time-consuming.  Especially for those who sell everyday consumer products. Companies always should consider the position of their business in the market before creating material. Content and vision must be on the same line. There are many other tasks that have to do with the management of information like translation, data update or extracting information from catalogs into websites.

Data update

Is one of the most frequent Data Entry jobs, especially for companies that sell consumables. For example, let’s take a company that sells plumbing tools and materials. Companies have to implement the new product info on catalogs and online categories, while simultaneously removing the ones that are not necessary. So basically, updating has to do with the accuracy of information presented to the customer.



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