What are data transcription services?

Have you ever worked as a journalist, content creator or a video editor?  Maybe your company needs to transcribe recordings into a written document? Professionals that deal on a daily basis really do understand the importance and how much time this process takes every day. As for the others, don’t feel left out. With the development of technology and the increasing flow of information, perhaps you will find this process important as well. Data Transcription is a service that has proven to be very useful for different companies. Businesses produce more content day after day. And they come in various different formats for example subtitles, recordings, court hearings, interviews, etc.

But data is not always on the preferred or usable form, someone needs to transform  ‘ice into water’.

In this article, we will find out how is this service going to help you, application and who is it best for.  Let’s get on with it.

What are data transcription services

To summarize, transcription is the service of providing a written document of spoken words.

The main reason why the process of transcription is performed is to transform the content into another format in which the client is demanding the data. Accuracy and authenticity of data are the most important details while performing Data Transcription service.

A corporate striving to grow doesn’t have time to focus on transcription and to their core competencies at the same time. In addition, they might not contain the needed experts to transcribe. Doing it in-house may end with a lot of errors which hamper the focus to core tasks. Nowadays most, if not all, of the companies outsource on transcription service providers.

Whom are they best for

Usually, the main fields where data transcription services find use are for business, legal, or medical purposes.

Business- With the development of technology so has come the development of channels that information flows. Not only that, but the amount of information has increased drastically.  Data management is an everyday process, whether it’s internal data or customer details. Mainly the areas where a data transcription service finds use are conference notes, podcasts, dictation, interviews, meetings, voice mail, etc.

Legal- Companies that offer Services of legal transcription are growing rapidly.  Also, the fields of application have increased, including now the transcription of depositions, testimonies, official court hearings, interrogations, client letters, legal briefs as well as general legal correspondence. Materials used for legal transcription come in different formats,  from audio tapes to digital recordings to video.

Medical-  Transcription services are the core processes where the healthcare industry depends. Doctors, nurses, administrators, and other healthcare employees need a top-quality transcription service to maintain patient care records. Firstly they receive training to understand healthcare terminology, medical abbreviations, and insurance information. This is done in order to provide a correct medical dictation. Starting from depositions, medical dictation, notes, lab reports, hospital transcriptions, medical recordings, and reports, it has a lot of work to be taken care of.


Data transcription, what technology do they use?

For the purpose of being as much accurate as it can, human force is actually the most necessary resource for this case. It can be done manually by a specialized employee, with the right set of skills and tools. You would only need a PC and some headsets in order to transcribe. In industry,  it takes about 1-hour work to transcribe 15 minutes of audio.

With the development of modern technology like speech and text recognition, transcription is way simplified. An MP3-based Dictaphone can be used to track the sound. Transcription recordings can be in different media file types. Data then can be uploaded to a PC, cloud storage, or emailed within minutes to someone who could be anywhere in the world.

Also, there is AI software that performs transcription but it is not yet on its pinnacle for many reasons. Speech recognition is very hard to be 100% accurate because they are not able to recognize dialects, sarcasm, etc.

We Are Fiber 

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