Why outsource e-commerce customer service?

e-commerce customer service

A lot of people spend a great amount of time in the virtual environment. Thus, companies’ strategies have changed to adopt new trends. In particular, e-commerce has seen a boost in the late years as many transactions take place online.

People have busy schedules and look for fast solutions for their problems. Trying to get along with this, has led to finding new low-cost and effective methods to afford the flow.  The first contact with customers is very important. Hence having a qualified e-commerce customer service team is great support in flow management and brand loyalty.


Customer Service in E-commerce


E-commerce Customer Service is the Customer Support Service provided in online stores. It is delivered via various channels like live chat, contact center, social media, and others. Qualitative Customer service in E-commerce is an important indicator of a company’s success. It is a Make it or Break it element. Customers that have a negative experience with the customer service team tend to not get back to that brand again. Considering the big number of e-commerce available, the churn rate may be high if not paid attention. In addition, they may write about their bad experience online and within a couple of hours or days, everything may go viral. It is easier to destroy the reputation than to build it.


On the other hand, the same chain reaction takes place when having a positive encounter with the customer service team.  It may turn a one-time customer into a loyal one. Moreover, it can have a positive influence on the word of mouth.

The result? A happy ever after relationship.


Brick and Mortar and E-commerce Customer Service


There is a big difference in the way the customer service team approaches clients based on the environment the transaction takes place. For instance,  in Brick and Mortar stores, it is simple to analyze customer behavior and create the appropriate strategy to approach them. The physical interaction makes it easier to have a mutual understanding. Therefore, customers can perceive better customer service in store than online.


On the other hand, for the e-commerce customer service team, the interaction may be difficult. Lack of physical contact and body language analysis lead to problems in maintaining the conversation. As a result, virtual conversations might not be as effective as real ones. The person behind the chat or phone has to consider the tone of the voice or word choice to make the conversation smother. Hence, the difficulty level increases.  Creating a connection and building trust is one of the main concerns in this field. Thus, companies try to recruit staff rich in communication skills and active listening. They should listen to understand not to reply for the sake of it.


Many e-commerce are well known for their customer service. Amazon is one of them.


Listed as one of 20 companies with great customer service by Forbes in 2018, its success may be partly because of the customer service quality. Turned into a cliche but true, the customers will never forget how you made them feel. So, investing in relationships is the best thing to do in terms of loyalty.


E-commerce customer service cannot be easily trusted to every company. In addition, outsourcing may look like a loss of control when is actually different than it seems. The main purpose of outsourcing companies is to come of help to companies asking for it. But why reach the point of outsourcing such service?


Outsourcing E-commerce Customer Service


As already known, human capital is very expensive. This is why companies are trying to automate most of their processes. However, when it comes to purchasing experiences, even more online, human interaction is necessary to facilitate the process. Therefore, outsourcing is an optimal solution to reduce costs.

Different standards of payment in various countries have made many companies consider it a positive move in terms of cost savings. Consequently, manufacturing companies in the United States and worldwide, for many years have transferred their processes outside their countries because of cheap labor. Time has shown that this is effective and efficient for services too. Outsourcing services such as customer care and focus on the core business, can improve the quality delivered to customers and at the same time reduce costs.


Another equally important reason to outsource e-commerce customer service is the multilingual availability. This is a crucial element in delivering positive customer experience. In Albania, for example, most of the youngsters speak at least two languages. If while speaking on the phone, the agent understands the origin of the customer, he may kindly switch to his language making the conversation more interactive and comfortable. Even though many complaints and debates have been generated related to the accent of the customer representatives, the positive aspects seem to be greater.


In addition, it is always suggested to have a backup plan. In investment strategies, companies are advised to not hold all the eggs in one basket. Suppose that a problem occurs in the company and it is impossible to work or an increase in the number of customers contacting the company happens. It would cause a huge reaction from customers. They do not consider the possibility of something going wrong as long as they pay for it. Therefore the effect would be negative.


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