Why is it convenient for companies to outsource?


         Every day it is becoming more and more suitable for businesses to outsource. As you may already be aware, outsourcing is a practice in which a third party from outside the organization is assigned to complete a particular activity. These activities typically include providing a service or producing goods. If done correctly, business process outsourcing can boost a company's performance like nothing else!

Why is it better to outsource?

In general, outsourcing business activities enables firms to focus on their core activities, while becoming more flexible and adaptable, responding more effectively to challenges and changing market conditions, and achieving cost savings.

Specifically, it is convenient to apply outsourcing to your company for all the reasons below:

                                                            1- Cost Savings

Outsourcing offers the chance to save costs while boosting productivity.

There is no need to lease space or pay for equipment to support office operations. The outsourced company will take care of these issues. Therefore, the business will be able to save time and money on recruiting and training new employees, offering benefits, and other administrative costs.

Simply said, outsourcing lowers the overall cost of performing a job function.

                                                           2- The business can focus on its core activities

When you assign tasks to another company, you have more time to focus on the crucial components of your company. The result will be increased productivity and efficiency while utilizing fewer resources for the company. 

                                                   3- Bringing new and modern solutions to the company

Because you delegate responsibilities to another company when you subcontract, the company may be more receptive to creative ideas. The staff will offer more innovative and effective solutions.

                                                            4- Flexibility in hiring

Some businesses may decide that it is more cost-effective to work with temporary outside contractors during periods of high demand than to take the chance of hiring more employees they might not be able to afford. 

                                                            5- Employees won’t have to work outside their area of expertise

To keep things moving, people often wear multiple hats in businesses. However, if you (un)intentionally make overworking the workforce your "business plan," it could be disastrous.

Outsourcing could free up your team's time so they can focus on the duties that first brought you those clients.

                                                          6- Logistical ease

Sometimes, it makes more logistical sense to contract out services like shipping and customer support. Businesses are able to provide essential services when local, full-time employees are not available because these intermediaries are accessible outside of regular business hours.

                                                           7-Finding experts easily

You can broaden your search, choose from a variety of companies, and collaborate with the top specialists on the planet by using outsourcing. 

Some business activities you should consider outsourcing

The terms "front office" and "back office" are used to describe different business processes inside an organization. Front office activities are those that generate income and interact directly with customers. Back office operations are used to produce high-quality goods or services. 

Front Office

1 – Ticket Management

The finest practices for everything from use optimization to compliance and reporting are ensured by hiring an outside specialist in ticket management. Consider it as investment insurance that will enable you to outperform industry norms and boost the return on your ticket investment.

The decision to outsource ticket management comes with a lot of advantages like great customer satisfaction, an increase in productivity, and operating cost reduction.

2 - Digital Customer Care

Digital Customer Care is a new approach to customer service management that emphasizes on emerging technology. Outsourcing is a fantastic choice for businesses that lack the time or resources to manage digital client contact effectively. 

The organization gains cost savings, revenue growth, customer loyalty, and of course, a positive customer experience by outsourcing digital customer service.

The outsourcing of customer care usually consists of contact services like email, web, live chat, etc.

Good customer service will build a loyal customer connection between the business and its customers and that is crucial for the business’ success.

3 – Help Desk

Help Desk Outsourcing is a service that businesses offer to aid their clients in resolving issues or in finding answers to problems that have already been identified. With the aid of these services, the company can offer 24/7 assistance to its clients.

The top-chosen IT help desk outsourcing services will provide you with several advantages, including increased productivity and performance, rapid deployment of more effective operations and processes, constant accessibility, quick response times, lower costs, and improved efficiency. 

Ticket volumes will get reduced and hence the operation will get simplified.

In the meantime, the company will be able to focus more on innovation and business growth.

4 – Chat Bot

Chatbots are used by businesses to increase both service and sales conversion. Chatbot outsourcing is always less expensive than developing your own live chat platforms. Scaling your business is made simpler for you when your customer service is running on "autopilot".

5 – Booking Office

To be successful, an accommodation facility must always be present and not miss any opportunity to engage with potential customers. The Booking Office service allows you to manage quote requests in multiple languages both quickly and accurately.

We Are Fiber guarantees 24h assistance to meet every need!

6 – Smart Assistance

The Smart Assistance service has become indispensable for many companies due to its ability to optimize time and improve productivity.

We Are Fiber's technology can gather all the information, sort it, analyze it, and process it so that the company makes the best decisions and chooses the most appropriate strategies.

Overall, the virtual assistant reduces staff workloads and manages data flow for all businesses—large or small.

Back Office

1 – Data Entry

Data entry can be a time-consuming procedure that consumes valuable staff resources and may prevent them from effectively carrying out their primary responsibilities. You may relieve your workers from manual and repetitive work while also ensuring that your data entry is more correct and consistent by outsourcing your data entry to a qualified team like We Are Fiber.

2 – Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is the process of validating, improving, and combining customer data on corporate databases.

Thanks to our data enrichment technology it’s possible to correct small errors and cut duplicates in your customer data. By analyzing data from different channels, the data enrichment systems can extract and integrate any missing information from contact lists. This ensures your company has an accurate and complete database.

The valuable information obtained by data enrichment systems can be used to develop data-driven marketing strategies. 

3 – Document Management 

Document management is essential to maintaining information control in your company. The efficiency of your document management system might have an impact on corporate operations and your entire financial situation.

From reducing risk, and improving employee efficiencies to compliant protocols, outsourcing document management to a professional record management provider such as We Are Fiber, can address several business priorities. 

4 – Logistic Management

It takes a lot of time and money to hire logistics talent, acquire capacity, invest in physical assets, and develop the technology. Instead, companies will decide to outsource different parts (or sometimes even all) of their supply chain functions to third-party logistics providers.

Some of the reasons why a business should outsource logistics management include: The possibility of reducing overall transportation and logistics costs by concentrating on core company strengths rather than supply chain operations; enhanced adaptability and effectiveness (due to more streamlined operations); lower risk because of reducing administrative responsibility, etc.

5 – Customer Order Management

Punctuality and dependability of deliveries are essential in electronic commerce. After all, the customer relies on online services to save money and receive the product quickly.

For a business that is either starting out, receiving a large influx of orders or experiencing additional site traffic, it may be hard to focus on this process on top of other internal problems that may arise. Therefore, outsourcing this service might be convenient for businesses. 

You can save time for the company, reduce risk, reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment, retain customers, and gather customer data to improve your business.

Process Management 

1 - Control Room

Through an outsourced Control Room Service, you can effectively manage the control of your company’s performance. To make sure you're achieving your goals, you need to monitor the results. By using a control room, you can obtain reports on the performance indicators of each service offered by a company. Monitor and control your performance with We Are Fiber!

2 - Quality audit

The main advantage of outsourcing the internal auditing function is that bringing in an outside source feels like a fresh set of eyes that are objective and unbiased.

Other advantages to outsourcing audits include professional and timely reports, more information, conclusions, remarks, suggestions for improvement, cost savings, etc.

Outbound Marketing

Outsourcing marketing is crucial for businesses to grow revenue swiftly and efficiently in a time when scalability and speed define a market. By outsourcing outbound marketing, your team will have the opportunity to collaborate with other innovative teams to provide you with brand-new market insights.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Would you like to learn more about how our outsourcing services may help your company operate better? Contact us here to learn more about what we offer and see for yourself the benefits we can provide for your business. 


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