What do customers think about your products? Find out how to capture their feedback

Knowing the value perceived by consumers is certainly an added benefit to develop better performing strategies. Customer opinions are the primary tool for assessing so-called customer satisfaction, or the level of customer satisfaction with respect to the products and services offered. 

This indicator is fundamental for each company that wants to be successful in the market, as it allows them to identify the needs of customers and to model the offer fittingly, but at the same time, it is also essential for highlighting problems related to the purchase experience.

How to get feedback from customers

If you are looking for the right way to bring your business to success, it becomes a priority to listen to the "Voice of Customer", and measure the value they perceive

Voice of Customer: how to listen to customers

Customer voice

By Voice of Customer (VoC), we mean the process of capturing what customers say about your products and services. Through a careful analysis, you can ascertain whether there is a distance between customer expectations and what you propose to them in reality.  

Voice of Customer activities can help you anticipate a crisis, evaluate new ideas and strategies, and improve your products and services. 

But, how do I capture the voice of the customers?

Below, we reveal the secrets to understanding what customers think about your business.

Tools for obtaining customer feedback

The most traditional method of obtaining information is the interview. Through this mode, it is possible to ask the user directly for his or her point of view. Interviews can be done in person, by phone, or in numerous other ways. 

Another method to request feedback from customers is the survey. These requests can be made using simple tools, such as Google Docs, where results can be collected in a structured way.

One tool that collects customer reactions in real time is live chat. By responding immediately to the user's requests, it is possible to prevent their dissatisfaction and immediately find a solution.

The website represents a strategic place where you can capture data from user behavior. The analysis of user behavior, through tools such as Analytics, can provide much valuable and important information. In the case of an e-commerce site, this type of analysis can help to understand which are the most sought-after product categories and the reasons why customers fail to complete the purchase. 

Customer service is the best starting point for gathering feedback

A customer calling for service is already providing a rating on your product or service.

It is extremely important to keep alive the dialogue initiated by consumers, responding to their messages, and inviting them to provide comments

Service personnel should be instructed on how to gather the views of those with whom they are in contact, and how to encourage callers to provide their opinions on the products purchased or the problems encountered during the purchase.  

If you feel that you are unable to optimize your business strategies and collect feedback from customers in the right way, you can always turn to a team of experts. 

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