How to motivate people to buy your products

Selling is the primary goal of every business, so you have to pull the right strings to push your customers to buy. However, one must start from a critical assumption: as various marketing studies show, contrary to what one might think, purchases are primarily emotional rather than rational. The customer buys not with the brain, but with the heart, and logic is used simply to justify the desire to buy something new.

How should you motivate people to buy your products then? You have to push on the emotional side, but you need to know your customers before that. We at We Are Fiber, through sophisticated data collection processes in full compliance with the law, can provide you with a precise identikit of your customers to perceive their current and future needs. To complete the work, we offer you reliable customer service, capable of responding adequately and promptly to your customers’ questions. Do you want to know the services we offer?

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What drives people to buy?

How to get customers to buy your products

Having come to understand that purchases are made more from the gut than the head, it is necessary to respond by reading between the lines of emotional motivations, so as to really satisfy customers.

What drives people to buy one product rather than another? Some items, such as those worn or used by actors, singers, footballers or famous people, represent a status symbol, where it is about showing off and falling into a certain category of people.

Sometimes, it is the need to fulfill a desire that pushes people to buy an object, such as those dreamed of and pursued for several years. This involves self-gratification or the need to forget one’s problems. There is also the reward purchase, such as after getting a good grade in an exam or after a job promotion. Conversely, after a breakup with a partner or a bad day, people tend to pamper themselves by treating themselves to a vacation, a pair of shoes, an item of clothing, etc.

Another important incentive for buying is the desire to improve one's condition, especially if the desired object is perceived as something of great value. In other cases, buyers purchase an object to communicate or send a message about their way of being, doing or thinking.

How to intercept the wishes of customers?

If you know your customers, you will have done half of your job. At We Are Fiber, in full respect and protection of your corporate privacy and that of your customers, we collect data that is processed to draw up targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. In this way, you can optimize your business processes and direct them so as to meet the needs of your customers, who represent the foundation of your entire business.

Thanks to our support, it will be easier for you to respond clearly to the syour customers’ific needs and intercept their wishes. In the first phase, which is called defining the customer's needs, you will come to understand his/her problem and propose the perfect solution.

In 70% of cases, purchases are made on an emotional basis. Ride that emotional wave by showing customers that you are proactive. Enthusiasm is contagious, so let customers know that you can help them make their dreams come true. Don't be insistent, or the buyer will perceive your aggressive attitude, but rather focus on the need and urgency of that product.

Obviously, you have to bring out all your skills as a salesperson and practise "problem-solving", demonstrating your competence gained in your particular sector and your ability to provide an adequate answer to every problem. By appearing credible and reliable, you will build customer loyalty and strengthen your brand identity. But, be careful not to seem overly knowledgeable or technical, as this can scare people off. Humility and kindness are two essential, yet sometimes overlooked, qualities to becoming a successful salesperson.

The importance of customer care services

Some sellers make the fatal mistake of abandoning customers after they make their first purchases. Do not make this mistake and, to implement and perfect the functioning of customer care services, entrust these to We Are Fiber. It is not only the number of sales that is important but also the quality. If a customer buys from you, you must retain and pamper him/her to ensure future purchases.

We have customized and tailor-made solutions for every need, following your buyers through every step and providing a good and efficient customer support service.

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