The importance of customer experience

Nowadays, we live in a competitive market. Customers have the chance to choose between many products and services. The product diversification has engaged companies in a “market war”. They want to position themselves as the first choice in the industries they operate. The biggest factor that influences this positioning is customer experience.


Businesses are adjusting their in-store and other touchpoints' plans to improve this experience. In particular, marketers have shifted their attention to environmental design and entertainment. The main goal is to achieve customer delight. In addition, even customer service providers are paying more attention to this issue. Human contact is at the core of their activities. This increases the expectations about the quality of the results. 


Value in Customer Experience

Customer Experience is an important part of the customer journey. It is the perception of the customer about a brand after interacting with them. There are many factors that affect the perceived value of a brand. Perceived risk is one of the most important. It varies from performance, physical, social or financial to psychological risk.


Let’s take a Customer Service Provider as an example. The perceived risk, in this case, is of great importance in decision making. Which one of the potential contractors should a company select? Is that contractor able to maintain the process as desired? What is the impact that not meeting environmental conditions' standards can have? What if the agents don't perform the tasks correctly? Moreover, companies might risk their brand reputation, which would also lead to financial loss. Therefore, these are all very important issues that play a big role in customer experience decisions. 


What's more, an added value to a product or service can make a big difference in customer experience. This value can be of a monetary or non-monetary kind. In fact, customers measure the value of a product or service based on the value proposition. It consists of the promise made by the company that will deliver a specific bundle of values. They can be about price, innovation or personalized characteristics. Companies should make the promised bundle of values part of the customer experience. In this case, the expected value should be equal to or lower than the perceived value. Because of this, customer satisfaction should be neutral or positive.


Customer Engagement



To receive a positive experience, customers should engage with the product or service. Usually, companies observe and analyze customer engagement. Doing so, helps them to improve their performance. To add, customer engagement is a key point for reaching the goals. It includes:


  • Involvement – customer makes an appearance in a touchpoint.
  • Interaction – customer behavior in the touchpoint.
  • Intimacy – emotional reaction of customers while at the touch point.
  • Influence – advocacy and referral. 

(Buttle and Maklan, 2015, p.196)


Consequently, these points are very important for good customer experience Moreover, the positive engagement of the customer with a company is very important. It may influence an enjoyable customer experience. Hence the result would be brand loyalty and the promotion of the product or service. In addition, it is cheaper to keep a current customer than to get a new one. Thus, engaging customers in the company’s mission is the best attraction.



customer journey


Customer Service vs Customer Experience

Many people believe Customer Service and Customer Experience are the same. On the contrary, they are actually very different concepts. Customer Service helps customers through various communication channels. On the other side, Customer Experience focuses on how to deliver the product or service. This means that customer experience can be part of the customer service. Also, the opposite can be true. Customer service can be an important part of CX in other products or services.


In 2017, Gartner made a survey about Customer Experience. 81% of participants said that they will focus their strategies in CX in the future years. This stresses the importance of customer experience in creating a competitive advantage.


There are countless products and services available in the market. Thus, it is difficult to grab the customer's attention. Yet, a company should try to sell the uniqueness of a product or service. In this case, it exists a great chance to be distinguished from the crowd. Marketing is playing a critical role in affecting the behavior of masses and customers. As a result, behavioral economics is the newest trend in the business world.


BPOs and Customer Experience Strategies 


BPOs that provide omnichannel solutions can improve CX. Customers don’t have to wait a long time to receive an answer. This is thanks to an integrated system for service channels. In other words, clients can get a combined and interactive quick service. At the same time, they receive a kind and effective solution to their problem.


Furthermore, at We Are Fiber, performance evaluation is at the center of attention. It helps to identify issues and fix them as quick as possible. This way, Fiber has been able to create a positive impact on everyday interactions. Moreover, the company prepares detailed reports for the clients every week. They make suggestions on continuous improvement. The goal is to find optimal solutions to create the right customer experience. Furthermore, Fiber’s employees are always trying to build a wonderful customer journey. They do it by using their social and other skills.


Customer Experience is a vital part of customer service in Fiber. No matter what, Fiber is a customer-centered company. Having customers as priority has led to a customized and enjoyable customer experience. The trust the partners have in Fiber and long-term relationships reflect their satisfaction.

We Are Fiber


At We Are Fiber we take care to deliver the best customer experience. We are always adapting to new trends and customer preferences. Furthermore, we combine our Multilingual Staff and International Experience to provide effective solutions. We have faith in our people’s potential to represent our clients in the best way possible.

Human values and careful statistical analysis are the key to our success. Satisfying our clients has been our purpose since day 1. Moreover, we have managed to achieve high satisfaction rates through cooperation.


Please contact us to request a quote or if you want to equip with more information on what we offer!

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