Customer service: why it is important to provide a personalized experience

customer service

One of the most common customer service strategies emphasizes calling the customer by name. It is a simple trick, but capable of creating immediate rapport between the operator and the customer, who feels heard and pampered.

This should certainly be a first step towards crafting a personalized customer experience, a must for all companies that want to differentiate themselves from the competition. To understand how crucial this service is, you should know that in a recent survey, 80% of the users interviewed stated that they are willing to buy when they receive a personalized offer tailored to their needs.

Understanding who your target audience is and what they want helps to improve productivity and offer the type of service and product that your customers want. In this regard, it may be useful to read an article in which we explain what customer profiling is and how to make the most of it.

Indeed, customers who have relied on our personalization services have increased their loyalty rate by 40%.

Customer service: how to choose the right message

Customer service

Retaining a customer is far less expensive than acquiring a new one. For this reason, we at We Are Fiber suggest retaining customers as a starting point and keeping them close, before trying to expand one’s market share.

The messages you convey should therefore be based upon the needs, preferences and habits of your customers. In this way, the approach is practical and targeted, making the most of the information and data at your disposal.

We Are Fiber provides you with experienced and qualified staff, together with the appropriate tools to extract important information from the data available, so creating a personalized user experience.

How to personalize marketing

At this point, it is worth delving into understanding the strategies of marketing personalization. It is essential to focus on leads, that is, those people who have already shown interest in your company and therefore can be easily converted into customers.

Customer service: focused on the real needs of customers

When personalizing marketing, it is of critical importance to intercept the real needs of customers, and provide the right answers to their questions. To be more precise, you must not mince words, which risks annoying customers, but rather give a concrete solution to their problems.

Learn to recognize and remember your customers

Another “best practice” to keep in mind is remembering who your customers are. Let’s say a customer contacts you to get a quote on a particular service. Good practice maintains that you contact the person to send the quote. If you fail to do so, this certainly does not work in your favor.

If you are lucky, the customer will contact you back, but if you don’t remember the customer or ask the same questions as a colleague who previously conversed with the customer, you will certainly not be putting your best foot forward. The customer experience for this particular customer will be poor and it becomes difficult to retain such a person. 

Be proactive and anticipate customer needs

Once you understand what type of customer you have in front of you, you need to be proactive, that is by way of intercepting needs and providing solutions to potential problems in advance. Cross-selling, a technique that allows you to sell a service in combination with another one already purchased, helps you to grow your turnover and provides an extra benefit to the customer. In fact, our partners have sold 22% more using the cross-selling technique.

Here’s an illustrative example: let’s say you sell insurance and a customer buys an automobile policy. In this case, you can offer roadside assistance as an accessory guarantee in advance, thus providing more complete coverage for a small fee. In the same way, you can inform the buyer about new discounts, promotions and upcoming offers.

The right message to the right person: the importance of empathy

To optimize customer service, empathy is the key word. You have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and use the most appropriate language in this regard. If you are dealing with an emotional customer, try tapping into these emotions. If, on the other hand, you interact with a more rational client, explain to this person in a practical manner the meaningfulness of your actions. Use the appropriate messages depending on who the customer is, so connecting and gaining trust.

Technology in customer service

We Are Fiber offers you innovative technology to maximize customer service performance.

The analysis platforms allow us to collect custom campaign data and monitor behavior, habits and the needs of customers.

This data is constantly updated with an efficient CRM, which extracts valuable information from the data collected for a targeted sale.

Our ace in the hand is artificial intelligence, which helps businesses make precise purchase forecasts to anticipate customers’ requests.

You can make these services available to your company. Just contact us to find out more.

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