How to reduce customer care costs with an effective FAQ page

FAQ page

Reducing the costs of customer care is not only a desirable operation, but a duty for companies. To do this, there are several strategies and one of the most performant involves the creation of an effective FAQ page (frequently asked questions), that is, questions often asked by users.

An effective FAQ page helps to:

  • answer users’ questions quickly and facilitate their conversion into customers;
  • reduce the workload of the customer service team, which can then focus on the most complex requests and offer higher quality support;
  • increase the brand awareness of the company, so as to create positive word of mouth on the web;
  • anticipate potential questions from customers, who appreciate the attention given to them by the brand;
  • favor site navigation and optimize the position of the site in terms of SEO.

We at We Are Fiber offer different types of self-service web services, which help customers find the answers to their questions independently. The companies that have relied on us for the implementation of self-service tools have recorded an increase of 18% in visits to their site and a permanence rate that has risen by 21%. This indeed translates favorably in terms of the customer’s interaction with the site and increases the chances of purchase and conversion.

Cutting customer care expenses: how does an FAQ page work?

FAQ page

Creating an effective and comprehensive FAQ page is the first step towards eliminating unnecessary customer care costs.

Firstly, you have to collect the most frequently asked questions that come from the various channels, and then group them into answers that are not too long, but are exhaustive and clear. The answers must be of the right length, to demonstrate your competence, without, however, containing superfluous or useless information, otherwise there is the risk that the visitor will get bored and leave the site. Also take into account the doubts, objections and complaints that come from customers, so as to turn everything into FAQs.

On the FAQ page, you can also insert links that refer to certain content or pages, creating a sort of path that leads the customer by the hand to the acquisition of a good or a service.

In some cases, the FAQs can be extensive, so the customer may have difficulty finding the question related to his or her problem. Your goal is to make your users’ lives as easy as possible, so group questions of similar content into appropriate sub-categories.

How to set up the answers for successful customer care

Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction is the first step to retaining customers and, at the same time, winning new ones. For this reason, you must always set the questions and answers up with a positive outlook, even if they concern a frequent problem or something perceived negatively by the customer.

Questions should be formulated from the customer’s perspective, such as, “How do I ask for a return?”. In this way, you are empathizing with the customer, where he or she will feel valued and “pampered”. The answers must be formulated from the point of view of the company, for example, “We give you the opportunity to …”.

Images very often help to solve a problem, as they provide a concrete solution and give an effective answer to customer questions. Make good use of your creativity and imagination, employing a bit of humor in your answers, without obviously lacking professionalism.

Depending on the questions, you can insert appropriate links that refer to useful pages. For example, if the customer is looking for “What payment methods are available”, you can create a link that goes directly to the page where one can complete the purchase by choosing the preferred payment system.

How to use the FAQ page from an SEO point of view

The FAQ page not only contributes to reducing customer care costs, lightening the work of the assistance team and improving customer service, but it also represents an extra gear in terms of SEO.

The FAQ page, in fact, should not be considered as a “foreign body” in the site; rather, you have to create links between the various pages to facilitate the visitor’s navigation with one main purpose: to convert.

With an effective FAQ page, visitors can quickly resolve doubts, so they are more likely to purchase. By providing adequate answers to each specific question, you can also optimize the positioning of the site with regard to SEO.

Even audiences who search in a manner unrelated to your industry can land on your page, if you provide adequate answers to questions. Google will appreciate the structure of your site and will reward you by projecting it to the first search pages.

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