What is nearshore and how does it work?


We live in an age of profound change, where the challenge is to adapt quickly to ever-evolving markets to keep up with the times. In this scenario, nearshore outsourcing has assumed great importance, which entails an innovative and globalized method of collaboration.

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What is nearshore?

It is interesting that the term nearshore was initially used in fishing. This method of collaboration was intended to create jobs near the shore where fishing was taking place, where income could then pass along to those not belonging to the country where the business had initially started. This proved an effective way to create related activities and jobs in those countries bordering fishing areas. The concept of nearshore outsourcing, also called nearshoring, has moved from the world of fishing to that of marketing. In fact, today many companies create jobs, through the process of nearshore, in countries physically nearby.

Nearshore, as mentioned, involves hiring a team positioned geographically close to your company that works remotely. Among the many advantages are those of a reduction in costs, cultural proximity, optimized logistics, increased profitability, and better distribution of work.

Keeping productivity high has always been the main goal of every business, especially during a pandemic period in which close contacts are more complicated and it has therefore become necessary to focus on digital and intelligent relationships.

Nearshore helps to expand your team remotely and sharpen your competitiveness in an increasingly saturated and aggressive market.

Nearshore vs offshore: the differences     

Before understanding the functionalities and advantages of this undertaking, it is worth making a comparison between nearshore and offshore outsourcing. These are two similar models, but with substantial differences.

Offshore outsourcing is based on teams, professionals and organizations from other countries that may be geographically far from the partner company. In contrast, nearshore outsourcing uses the same resources, but from a geographically close country.

The differences therefore primarily lie in cultural proximity and time zones. Nearshore places greater importance on the proximity of the location, so as to ensure the compatibility of the time zone and cultural traits of the companies operating across borders. Communication is therefore faster and more effective. Offshore collaboration cannot guarantee the same geographical and cultural contiguity, a situation which can cause delays and misunderstandings in communication.

The functionalities of nearshore networks

As already highlighted, communication is of fundamental importance in nearshore relations, where this must be clear and transparent. When choosing a partner, certain aspects must therefore be taken into account, such as geographical and cultural proximity and an understanding of the market in which one operates. This ensures perfect alignment between the service provider and the nearshore partner company.

We at We Are Fiber provide a nearshore call center rigorously selected with particular technical skills, to be focused on the specific needs of your company. For this reason, we ensure different ways of collaborating with qualified and affordable teams.

The advantages of a nearshore strategy

A selected nearshore team, as indicated, resides in a country that is geographically and culturally close to the partner company, a situation that guarantees transparent communication, making it ideal for the sharing of objectives and total visibility of the project.

The time zone is the same or very similar, so it is possible to organize meetings and business calls quickly or make short trips, allowing for significant savings in terms of both time and money.

Being close culturally and linguistically also helps with sharing market knowledge, so as to plan the strategies to be followed jointly and in perfect synergy.

The company can learn more about the capabilities and strengths of the nearshore team which, in turn, is able to understand exactly what its partner’s aims and objectives are.

Are you seriously considering starting a nearshore project? We Are Fiber is by your side to provide you with all the services and information you need. We have a dedicated team that can remain at your disposal during the entire development process. We are able to align the working methods, guaranteeing certain results in a short space of time.

We offer you an agile nearshore strategy to manage remote teams, optimize processes and develop tactical projects, so as to adapt to any scenario.

In this way, you can avoid wasting time with interviews for the selection of personnel. Instead, you are able to concentrate on the core activities of your business, all the while being certain of a qualified team and highly technological services available for your needs in the particular market you require.

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