Customer care: how to provide support through social

A strong way to start successfully growing your online business is by focusing on customer care. The term “social customer service” refers to the assistance provided to customers on social networks, which has now become an important channel for online visibility. It involves providing quick and immediate answers to customer questions, to give assistance or to solve more complex problems.

How to do customer care? How to shape your services based on the individual needs of your customers?

Telephone and email channels are considered almost obsolete, while social customer service services such as chats or social pages have become more popular. Young people and Millennials, who are the primary users of web services, want quick and immediate answers without wasting time.

Do you want to understand how to intercept your customers’ needs and provide early answers to their questions? We at We Are Fiber are here for this and over the years, we have developed comprehensive strategies to provide 360 ° customer service

Where to invest your time and resources?

Customer care social

Being present on the web is essential, but this does not mean using all the social networks available. This would require a major investment and is a wasteful use of your time and resources. Therefore, you must ask yourself, on which platforms your customers “socialize” most so you can intercept their requests.

Some users complain or request information indirectly without directly contacting your company. In these cases, tools like Social Mention or Google Alert can be handy, so you can respond to user complaints and prevent them from impacting your business. It is estimated that 88% of customers are less likely to buy from a brand that doesn’t provide answers to social media questions or comments.

Time is money

The slogan “time is money” is most accurate in customer care for e-commerce. Modern users expect a concise and transparent response within 10-15 minutes to resolve the issue. If the response time is prolonged, they will likely turn to another brand.

From this perspective, chat services have become fundamental, where users can communicate with a person. Chat windows are generally visible at the bottom right of the site and must have a constant but discreet presence. The visitor decides whether to start the chat and when.

It is impossible to provide a live chat service for 24 hours, so chatbots, i.e., automated chat services, become very useful. Through specific algorithms, chatbots provide standard answers according to an analysis of the most popular questions. In this way, assistance is still provided, as long as the request is simple, in the hours where no personnel is physically present.

Put the customer at the center of the project

If you provide an immediate and clarifying answer, you can increase your conversion rate and customer loyalty.  In addition to the advantages in terms of your brand identity, you must also consider the significant strategic benefits. Without special investments, you can collect important data on purchasing habits and user preferences, thus discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing.

For this reason, you need a customer care service effective and capable of collecting information regarding the technical questions, feedback, comments, complaints and requests of your customers. This information makes up a very precious data package to develop a targeted strategy, defined by the priority criteria.

It is also important to pay attention to the tone of the answers you provide. Keep your communications timely, precise, short and friendly. This task is undoubtedly not the simplest, so it is advisable to use emojis in some cases to show a casual tone or consider specific language use to display more formality. These are just a few of the many tips that We Are Fiber can offer you, helping you to respond appropriately, depending on your circumstances and the customers.

Mistakes to avoid

Below are some common mistakes you need to avoid for successful customer care.

As already mentioned, you must not neglect the customer, even if the problem he presents is of little relevance. Negative comments and posts should not be deleted unless they are spam or offensive. Otherwise, the customer will feel neglected and ignored and may choose to take their business elsewhere. The better approach aims to resolve the issue amicably by trying to see things from the other perspective. Don’t be too defensive, thank the customer for reporting the problem and apologize for the inconvenience.

It is important to note that putting the customer at the center of the project does not mean that you become submissive or disempowered. Some argue for the sake of it or perhaps have decided to discredit your brand for the benefit of a competitor; we don’t always know the full story. In these cases, silence is the best possible answer. Finally, don’t overload your customers with excessive data and information; otherwise, they will feel overwhelmed without actually having solved their problem.

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