Machine learning, deep learning and data entry

Data Entry Technology

It is easy to notice that we are not living in the same conditions as in the environment we lived in previous years. The impact of technology has been of significant importance. Therefore, investing in the latter has become a matter of necessity rather than a luxury as it may have been in the previous years. There is a silent war going on between many countries on the innovation they are generating through technology. Most of the time when the concept of innovation comes up, it usually is for technological innovation. Furthermore, in different industries and services, they use these developments to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Among the developments, an important one is Data Entry Technology. Below you will find a detailed breakdown of the most important concepts related to Data Entry Technology.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is related to a method based on an algorithm that makes certain predictions with the need for initial human input.  The idea stands on the simplification of processes that become better with time, but always in need of some guidance to prevent any problem that may arise during the development of the activity. Examples of Machine Learning usage can be seen almost everywhere. For instance, many companies use certain technology based on Machine Learning to predict what would customers enjoy the most. Hence retail, finance, media, and entertainment or other companies, have found that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can bring them closer to the customers and enhance sales.

The growing volumes of the data generated have made it difficult to take the right decision in specific situations. Most of the time, the data remain at a preliminary stage without turning into information which is the state the companies need to function. With the help of Machine Learning turning data into information has become easier and more effective. However, with Machine Learning there is always the need for surveillance. Therefore, what companies are aiming for, is Deep Learning.


Deep Learning

Deep learning as Machine learning is based on algorithms to perform the required activity. Businesses consider them as a subset of Artificial Intelligence together with Machine Learning. In this case, algorithms learn by using their own data processing. Companies use Artificial Intelligence to make predictive analysis. Nevertheless, with deep learning, the algorithms are able to identify themselves the accuracy level of the prediction. This is not possible with Machine Learning. If an inaccurate decision occurs through Machine Learning the responsible person should make the necessary adjustments that do not happen with Deep Learning. Therefore huge investments are being made for this technology too. Deep Learning is used in different services.

For example, Customer Service. Chatbots in this service, improve from day to day to achieve the desired state. It is predicted that the use of deep learning will be essential in the future. There are many times when customers ask a general question that with the help of chatbots can be easily resolved and also cost-effective managed. There are many other cases when deep learning comes to great help with efficiency. In e-commerce, for example, there are many customers that ask for general information that can be received without the need of a physical person. Through deep learning, in Chat Bots it is aimed to act accordingly. The physical persons can allocate their time into more complex problems. Sometimes companies may lose important customers because they may be concentrating their attention on general inquiries and letting other clients that may have other kinds of requests wait.

Data Entry Technology

All being said, it seems that most of the time there is no need for physical persons to perform Data Entry. Companies are going towards automation. New technologies innovate the way Data Entry functions. More importantly, there are key points where Data Entry Technology improves the process as a whole. Either if we are talking about speed, security or quality, the interaction of qualified people and the latest technology will always have a positive impact.

Like mentioned above,  Machine Learning has the ability to recognize patterns. This is improving the accuracy level but also quality and speed.  Furthermore, we have Optical Character Recognition technology. This is the process of identifying and extracting information from paper or electronic documents and converting it into machine text. As a result, human resources will not be used for manual inputting but more as a final quality check.

Automated data entry processes adapt based on the specific industry needs and goals of a business. Because of its advanced technology, it can help manage remote data more effectively by broadening its network availability. Its capacity to enter data real-time can help businesses to achieve faster responsiveness and improved flexibility. There will also have a significant decline in the use of paper-based data entry.




We Are Fiber

At We Are Fiber, we are constantly investing in automation, but we believe that human connection is the core issue of every service. Therefore, instead of substituting people with technology, we use technology to serve people by increasing their productivity. Even so, human input is necessary to deliver the service properly. It is safer to have a quality check approach together with the core service done by humans rather than automated. Hence, providing qualified personnel for data entry services is an activity we dedicate time and the necessary resources to make sure we properly perform duties for our clients.

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