Back office support activities: make your company move at maximum speed

Back Office Support

Back office support activities can really improve the efficiency of your business and take it to the next level. 

If you are an entrepreneur or a company administrator, you will know that your processes cannot survive without a structured organization and a professional and experienced team. 

The back office includes those activities to support the organization that operate behind the scenes, and unlike what is thought, it is not just about IT. 

Warehouse management, human resources, accounting and many other activities are included in the functions of the back office staff, where these employees have no contact with the customer. 

In this article, we will reveal how to improve your back office activities and also attain substantial savings. 

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What are the back office tasks and why is it so important?

Back office support activities

Most of the time, what you don’t see guarantees a company’s success. This happens with the back office, or the set of activities that contribute to the company’s operational management and support the core business. 

 In particular, we refer to: 

  • Data entry;
  • Document archiving;
  • Database and personal data management;
  • Claims management;
  • Quality checks


It represents a fundamental gear of a company that involves various professional figures in a transversal way and goes on stage every time a request is made to the front office.


But what are the back office tasks in particular?

The tasks that a back office worker has to face are different depending on the area of ​​activity. 

Recruitment, maintenance, IT, warehouse workers, inventory workers and production controllers are just some of the professionals who can work in the back office.

A key feature of this area is proactivity: those who deal with the back office must anticipate problems! 

In recent years, there has been a trend towards outsourcing back office activities, obtaining benefits that would not be possible with internal resources alone. 

The strategic importance of this area presupposes a properly trained and qualified staff. This is often not within the reach of companies that do not have the necessary resources and skills. 

We Are Fiber provides companies with the best resources to ensure back office activity is effective according to different needs, while at the same time saving time and money. 

Back Office and Front Office: Two opposites that work hand in hand

Before discovering how to improve a business organization through outsourcing the back office, let’s examine the difference between back and front office. 

As we have already pointed out, the back office includes all the activities that are carried out behind the scenes of the company. It is the engine that serves to make the entire organization work, including the front office. 

The company activities resulting in contact with the customer belong to the front office: it is made up of operators who have a direct, face-to-face relationship with users.

The front office is responsible for customer service, sales, and forwards orders and complaints to the back office, which needs to resolve issues. 

Despite their differences, the front office and back office are not separate, but must work in harmony to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Back Office Support: The Benefits of Outsourcing

Now that you understand the chief challenges of back office support, you may be wondering how to ensure the efficiency and success of your business. 

Obtaining the necessary internal professional skills and having control over the correct organization of this entails a waste of resources and energy, which many companies cannot afford.  

For this reason, outsourcing the back office business is a solution chosen by many companies. 

By opting for outsourcing, you can count on trained and qualified personnel and free internal resources from low-value activities, thus also reducing fixed costs. 

The advantages of back office outsourcing can be summarized as: 


  • Certain savings: managing a back office in an optimal manner is very expensive, so contacting an external company helps to reduce the costs of equipment and personnel;
  • Always be able to count on highly qualified personnel: outsourcing your back office activity guarantees you a qualified and professional workforce; 
  • Have state-of-the-art technologies available: with outsourcing, you don’t need to invest large sums of money to purchase new software and hardware, as the external company will handle this task for you.

Here is an example of outsourced back office management in the administrative field. 

The administrative back office: efficient management can make all the difference

The administrative back office includes a series of processes, considered ancillary activities and time consuming, which at the same time are fundamental for the effective organization of a company. 

The activities that can be outsourced so as to ensure optimization and efficiency are:  

  • Order management; 
  • Issuing and posting of invoices; 
  • Receipts and payments; 
  • Expense reports; 
  • General accounting

Outsourcing the administrative back office means freeing up resources for companies, which can instead be used in core business activities.

Companies that do not follow this path have only two alternatives: to make large investments to manage these processes correctly, or not to take care of the back office with the risk of falling into errors or critical issues that slow down business growth.

The outsourcing of the service, on the other hand, allows you to optimize costs and take advantage of a highly efficient and professional administrative back office.

We Are Fiber: outsourced back office services

The ideal outsourcer for back office services must be chosen with care. In fact, one of the aspects to consider is their experience and competence in the areas to be managed.

We Are Fiber  has been supporting companies for over 10 years, relieving them of tasks that can slow down the business. 

Our back office services allow you to better manage internal and external processes and improve the perceived quality of products and services and, therefore, the relationship with your end customer. 

Our resources are trained according to your needs and guarantee exceptional performance, even in the event of sudden increases in traffic volumes.

Furthermore, by observing with a neutral eye, We Are Fiber can identify particular critical issues that weigh on the company budget, such as unexpected expenses, shortages, unnecessary purchases, etc. and propose solutions for more prudent management.

Put us to the test with the Try and Buy formula and after three months decide whether to buy our service. 

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