How to build customer loyalty in 4 steps

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty has become somewhat of a mantra, repeated by those in every sphere of business. Compared to a few decades ago, the customer has changed considerably and consequently has distorted the communication strategies of companies.

Today, the customer is far more informed and, above all, demanding. Customers know that new technologies make it possible to use services quickly and intuitively, so they expect assistance that meets expectations.

We at We Are Fiber have understood, for some time now, that retaining our customers is a fundamental step for the growth and consolidation of a brand.

Our customer assistance service is innovative and able to face all the challenges that the market offers, specifically allowing the following advantages:

  • multilingual staff;
  • flexibility;
  • availability 24 hours 7 days a week;
  • support for internationalization.

Partners who contacted us have reduced waiting times for resolving a problem by 17%, and have seen their customer satisfaction level increase by 23%.

Why build customer loyalty?

customer loyalty

Before analyzing ideas for building customer loyalty, let’s focus for a moment on the concept of customer loyalty itself. It is critical to win the trust of repeat customers, which is far less complex and expensive than acquiring new customers.

Building a loyal customer base allows you to grow more as a company. In fact, loyal customers become advertising vehicles, speaking well of you to friends and acquaintances or through reviews on social media and online, so helping to strengthen your brand identity.

Not every company has the time and means to dedicate themselves to this activity, which, even if it is not part of the company’s core business, is nevertheless fundamental. For this reason, many prefer to outsource customer service, in order to cut time and costs and provide qualified and professional assistance.

Strategies to build customer loyalty

Now let’s move on to some of the ways to build customer loyalty:

  • customer support;
  • customized and tailored offers;
  • email marketing;
  • interaction with customers.

How to build customer loyalty through assistance

So far, we have repeatedly highlighted the importance of customer service, a concept that  we will repeat again. To make you understand how crucial this service is, know that consumers who have received good support are willing to pay more for the purchase of a product, as they trust that particular company. On the other hand, consumers who have received bad customer service are likely to abandon that brand and speak ill of it. In general, according to statistics, 51% of customers have terminated the relationship with a commercial activity because they are not satisfied with the attention received.

Retaining customers online with personalized offers

Offering personalized content based on previous purchases is proving to be an increasingly popular marketing strategy.

In this way, you achieve two advantages: 

  • increase the chances of selling;
  • make the customer’s user experience more pleasant during the purchase phase.

Of course, you have to track your customers’ habits, history, page visits and interactions with the site to draw up a complete profile and make offers compatible with their preferences.

Retain customers with email marketing

Email marketing campaigns are other popular tools used today. The operation of this technique is simple. Suppose a customer lands on your ecommerce site and views a pair of shoes, but doesn’t buy them because they cost too much or because they don’t need them yet.

Your site should subsequently release an email to receive discounts, promotions, offers, etc. After acquiring the customer’s contact details, you can inform him or her of any discounts or price reductions to the product concerned. The customer is then likely to come back to your site and hopefully make the purchase at a cheaper price. The loyalty process is now complete.

Marketing strategies to build customer loyalty: the importance of interaction

Even though we live in an era of the strong digitization of services, companies must not lose the human element, which is still considered a priority by users.

Try to interact with the customer constantly, through phone calls, chats on social media or by inserting a section on the site dedicated to FAQs, that is the most frequently asked questions by customers.

Online opinions and reviews are also of critical importance, playing a fundamental role in commerce today. User comments are always useful, especially the negative ones, as they help you better understand customer needs and the critical issues of a product or service offered.

Our guide ends here, but there are certainly many programs to build customer loyalty. Do you want to draw up a specific strategy for your business and for your target customers?

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