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Direct communication with the social customer care brand should be understood as assistance provided to customers on social networks, increasingly personalized and aimed at satisfying users. The chatbot, for example, has taken on a priority role in terms of optimizing customer assistance, but also managing internal resources themselves.

On the one hand, customers get immediate responses and find an answer to their questions in total autonomy. Indeed, more and more users prefer to rely on self-service solutions. On the other hand, internal resources are relieved of a whole host of requests, often superfluous and able to be fulfilled by chatbots, so dedicating themselves to solving more complex critical issues that require greater skills and technical knowledge.

In a previous article, we showed you how to organize social customer care, whereas in this article, we explain why such customer care is crucial, so much so that it has become an integral part of every business strategy.

Direct communication with a social customer care brand: new trends in the sector

Brand social customer care

Trends of recent times highlight how communication in relation to the social customer care brand has changed. The findings are the following:

  • 80% of consumers prefer to use social media to interact with brands. The same companies thus take on a more human face, since a one-on-one relationship is created between operator and customer. Empathy is the key to retaining and satisfying the customer;
  • users reach their favorite brands using up to 7 social channels on average;
  • 54% of users prefer social media over the phone or email. In a world that is getting faster and faster, consumers want quick answers using practical and swift channels, such as social networks;
  • on social networks, the cost of solving a problem, both in economic and time terms, is much lower;
  • users who receive excellent support on social media are also willing to spend a little more and recommend the brand more frequently.

How is the relationship between company and customer changing?

Direct communication with a brand’s social customer care is the natural evolution of the relationship between company and customer. Until a few decades ago, communication was one-sided. The brand launched its product on the market and consumers had little room to leave their feedback or make complaints.

In only a few years, the situation has completely reversed. The customer today has a great deal of decision-making power, able to influence even the company’s production methods, while also holding the capacity to influence.

It is no coincidence that influencers represent a very coveted profession, capable of determining the success or failure of a product or even a brand. But, you don’t have to be an influencer to have your voice heard. Anyone can leave a comment or a review on social media which, depending on whether it is positive or negative, can have a devastating impact for better or worse on the corporate image.

Consumers are also increasingly demanding and informed, so brands must take these changes into account and provide a tailor-made assistance service.

The most popular tools for direct communication with the social customer care brand

When customers make a complaint or ask a question, they basically expect 3 things: 

  • speed: responses must be immediate;
  • relevance: the answers must be relevant to the questions and thus ensure that the problem is truly resolved;
  • professionalism: the answers must clarify how and why a critical issue occurred and satisfy all the customer’s expectations.

To achieve these objectives, companies use the following tools:

  • bot messenger / Whatsapp: these communication channels are immediate and automated, and are also simple and widely used. In this regard, We Are Fiber provides a social instant messaging service to guarantee assistance in real time. You will have a dedicated resource that will be able to monitor and respond instantly to your customers’ messages;
  • surveys: this tool, increasingly widespread, increases the level of user engagement and allows businesses to find valuable information on customer preferences and habits;
  • app: customers have a tool available on a daily basis to request immediate assistance and to interact with the brand in an alternative way.

The importance of omnichannel

Another fundamental aspect, for which We Are Fiber pays the utmost attention and invests various energies, is an omnichannel environment.

In such a diverse digital world, customers can use various channels to contact a brand. For example, they can buy a product on an e-commerce site, and then ask for information on the status of the shipment on social networks.

Each and every channel that a company uses must therefore be interconnected. In this way, those who manage social networks already know a customer’s story, in order to provide clear and relevant answers.

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