Social customer care: cost and functionality

cost of social customer car

The cost of social customer care is an element that every company should keep in mind. Yet, the quality of this service for the customers is of vital importance and well worth the investment.

We Are Fiber gives you the opportunity to enjoy excellent social customer care at a competitive price, ensuring savings and quality.

Understanding how to implement social customer care is the first step to creating a tailor-made customer service, with the primary goal being retaining customers.

According to a recent report conducted by us, partner companies that have relied on our social customer care service have seen their interactions on social channels grow by 35%, with a conversion rate climbing up to 23%.

Low Quality Social Customer Care: How Much Does It Cost You?

cost of social customer care

Before asking yourself how much social customer care costs, you should know the damage that a poor quality service in this regard can do. A dissatisfied customer will likely turn away from you and, above all, may speak ill of your company with serious repercussions for your web reputation. On social media, word of mouth can easily become viral, to the point of causing incalculable damage to your business. 

Initiating customer care is an essential activity, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that need to make the most of all the opportunities that online offers. Ineffective assistance is one of the epic fails that absolutely has to be avoided.

A fact worth remembering is that ineffective customer service causes $83 billion in damage to American businesses. In addition, 63.9% of customers believe that customer service is far more important than the cost of a product or service itself. It is therefore not surprising that 55% of customers are willing to pay more, as long as they are sure that they are receiving professional and satisfactory care.

89% of customers who have had a bad customer service experience don’t think twice about abandoning a particular brand in favor of a competitor. Product quality and competitive costs are not enough: you have to cater for the needs of each individual customer, from the first approach to after-sales support.

This is why the cost of social customer care ought to be secondary. Saving money is every company’s mantra, but it’s best not to pull too hard when it comes to customer service.

The three customer care models

The cost of social customer service can vary according to the type of service implemented. Three models can be identified:

  • customer care in-house;
  • customer care using outsourcing;
  • customer care automation.

In-house customer care 

In-house social customer care involves the use of internal resources to guarantee a 24/7 operational service. In this case, you should hire at least 4 operators to cover all time slots, both day and night.

Costs start to rise and operators themselves, especially during peak demand periods and peak times, may well go haywire without being able to handle the situation.

It is difficult to quantify the costs of in-house customer care, but they are certainly much higher than any other solution. You should also consider the improper use of your internal resources, which are channeled into roles not aligned with the core business of the company, without the possibility of enhancing their skills.

Customer care using outsourcing

More and more companies are turning to outsourcing social customer care services, entrusting them to a specialized company, such as We Are Fiber. The company can thus concentrate solely on its core business, delegating tasks such as customer assistance to a qualified and specialized partner.

Customer care automation

Another type of customer support is social customer care automation. Chatbots are used, which thanks to machine learning, learn over time, so as to hold a conversation as if they were people in the flesh and blood.

In this case, the costs tend to rise, but you have to consider the return in terms of recovered time and money saved. We at We Are Fiber have developed so-called conversational chatbots which, supported by innovative and efficient artificial intelligence, are able to sustain fluent and polite conversations, converting the user into a lead.

The advantages of social customer care

The costs of social customer care can vary depending on the equipment and services requested. As already highlighted in the course of this article, initiating a social customer care service through a partner should not be seen as an expense, but rather as an investment.

Just think of the immediately tangible advantages:

  • speed in responses;
  • saving time;
  • saving money;
  • better reallocation of internal resources;
  • better employee performance for the benefit of greater productivity.

The savings and success of your company are directly proportional to the investment made. Do you want to know more and receive some quotes?

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